Pat McAfee throws a Summerslam challenge towards Happy Corbin in a savage promo on Smackdown

The challenge has been laid out by Pat McAfee for Summerslam and Corbin might not be "happy" about this

Pat McAfee challenges Happy Corbin
Pat McAfee has issued a huge Summerslam challenge to Corbin
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Pat McAfee is former NFL athlete turned WWE commentator and an occasional in-ring talent. He’s one of the best trash talkers in of sports entertainment right now. Pat recently had a huge moment in his wrestling career at Wrestlemania earlier this year when he defeated Vince McMahon’s protege Theory in a highly fast-paced matchup.

Afterwards he lost to the former Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon who was making his in-ring return for the first time since 2011 following some interference from Theory. After the match concluded, the Texas homie ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin arrived, raised hell, stunned everyone including McAfee, Theory as well as Vince McMahon and left the stadium.

Last week on Friday Night Smackdown, Happy Corbin lost a Last Laugh match to Madcap Moss following which he was highly disappointed. He went straight to the Smackdown commentary desk and he targeted Pat McAfee for the so- called disrespect he felt Pat was injecting to him. He reminded McAfee of their long-term relationship and also threatened Pat to leave him dead inside of that ring. However, McAfee didn’t hold himself back a bit as he gave it back to Corbin which made him to leave the arena embarrassingly.

After Smackdown got over, multiple theories emerged our regarding why this segment was put on television and Dave Meltzer reported that WWE did that on purpose as they wanted Pat McAfee for Summerslam and that segment with Happy Corbin was done to sow the seeds of their potential match at the biggest party of the summer. Now, the report has come out absolutely true as the exact same happened last night on Smackdown.

During last night’s broadcast of Smackdown, Pat McAfee cut a fiery promo over Happy Corbin after the latter’s disgraceful comments the prior week on him and Pat also referred Corbin to as “BUM A*S Corbin” to which the crowd also chanted loudly. Later in the promo, Pat McAfee challenged Happy Corbin to a match next month at the Summerslam premium-live-event in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Pat McAfee is a major attraction for WWE

Pat McAfee challenges Happy Corbin
Happy Corbin enraged the fire within Pat McAfee last week on Smackdown

Have you ever wondered by Pat McAfee has been given this much freedom on commentary or as an on-screen talent in WWE? Well, the reason is simple. It’s just because of his in-built charisma and crazy fan following that makes Pat McAfee such a valuable asset for the McMahons and their company.

Many fans have already called him as the one among many others who can extract that “attitude era” reactions from the live audience whenever he’s hanging out there. Well, there absolutely no doubt about him as a fantastic athlete as well as an great in-ring performer which also reflected in his Wrestlemania match this year.

With Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin almost certain to get official in the coming days, there’s a high chance that this feud might become the show-stealer over the summer and their history connect would definitely help in meeting that mark.

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