“I’m out of commission right now,” R-Truth seeking ventures outside of wrestling while being injured

R-Truth may need some extended time-period to get back in front of the WWE audience. That doesn't mean he'll just sit back doing nothing. He's actively seeking some movie roles while recovering his knee.

“I’m out of commission right now,” R-Truth seeking ventures outside of wrestling while being injured

R-Truth (Image Credits: Pro-Wrestling Illustrated)

For years, R-Truth has been continuously putting on smiles upon everyone’s face. A living legend for many reasons, he’s been a mainstay of WWE since the Attitude Era. It’s so perplexing to even think like that. A man possessed with his in-built humor have come this far. Undoubtedly, he’ll go down as one of the greatest characters this industry has ever produced.

Sadly, as of now, he’s sitting at home owing to a knee injury. Back on November 1st episode of NXT, he faced Grayson Waller. Trying to perform an overhead dive outside of the ring to the Australian, Truth landed abruptly and tweaked his knee. As a result, he received immediate medical attention and was guided to the backstage area.


However, he’s already undergone a knee surgery and hopes to get back in the ring as soon as possible. Despite with a banged up knee, he’s not sitting idle. That being said, The Charismatic One is looking for a movie role right now. As revealed during one of his recent live streams on YouTube, the 50-year old wants to do some movies. To serve that purpose, his agent is already sending him some relevant stuff from Mexico.

“I’m working on getting another movie. My agent’s down in New Mexico, she’s been sending me some stuff. I’m out of commission right now. I’m just down and out right now but, I’m working on getting some movies.”


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R-Truth once made Brock Lesnar break his character on-air

R-Truth and Brock Lesnar on WWE Raw
R-Truth and Brock Lesnar on WWE Raw (Image Credits: NY Post)

It’s very important to maintain a character for pro-wrestlers. However, nothing can be done if you’re facing someone like R-Truth in the ring. Same happened with Brock Lesnar, a few years ago. Back in January 2020, Brock Lesnar was standing in the ring with Paul Heyman, with the latter boasting about his client’s animalistic intentions for the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

Amidst of a classic Paul Heyman promo, in comes R-Truth. He entered the ring and declared his entry into the 30-Man Royal Rumble match, stating that he’ll eliminate Mr. Heyman. Out of nowhere, everyone in the audience caught the trademark R-Truth catchphrase and started giggling.


After giving a confused look, Heyman revealed that he’s not even in that match, but Brock Lesnar is. Then, realizing the kind of mistake he’s done, Truth backtracked and took back his Rumble entry. But, the cameras caught a completely laughing Brock Lesnar in the process. This was probably the rarest of occasions when The Beast Incarnate completely broke down.

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