WATCH: “Judgment Day gonna kill me,” WWE veteran scared for his life calls for help on Raw

R-Truth was left without help on Raw after finally coming to the realization that he's not part of Judgment Day.

WATCH: “Judgment Day gonna kill me,” WWE veteran scared for his life calls for help on Raw

Judgment Day attack R-Truth (via WWE and @TheEnemiesPE3/X)

Since R-Truth has returned to WWE, he has been praised a lot for his comedic stunts. The WWE Universe always erupts in laughter whenever they get to see him. The veteran has been trying to inject himself into The Judgment Day despite getting kicked out every time. On Raw this week, JD McDonagh got to settle his differences with him.

Aware that Judgment Day, particularly Damian Priest, was not in his favor, the 52-year-old sought assistance, recognizing the faction’s allegiance to their family member, JD. Truth reached out to The Miz, requesting his presence at ringside for support. Despite the efforts, McDonagh emerged victorious after a standard match. However, immediately following the match, the former 24/7 Champion fell victim to an attack orchestrated by the group.

Damian Priest, who made the John Cena fanboy feel at home last week, was involved in the attack on him. Just as it seemed like the heel faction had welcomed R-Truth into their ranks, he was subjected to yet another ruthless beatdown at their hands. Despite the WWE Universe’s desire for The Miz to come to the save, their astonishment peaked when a babyface duo unexpectedly rushed in to rescue Truth from the assault.

Hop on a plane and fly to Raw! Judgment Day's gonna kill me!
R-Truth to The Miz on Raw.

#DIY stormed to the ring wielding steel chairs, intervening just in time to save the veteran from enduring a vicious beatdown. Grateful for their timely rescue, Truth affectionately referred to them as DX in a moment of jest. Next week on Raw, the legend will join forces with #DIY and The Miz to face The Judgment Day in a massive showdown.

Will the recently reunited Awesome Truth win The Tag Team Championships from Judgment Day at WrestleMania?

R-Truth keeps trying to interfere in Judgment Day’s business despite facing rejection and beatdowns. The Miz supports his former partner in their feud against the heel faction. The recently reunited duo have received huge positive reactions from the WWE Universe. Therefore, WWE might have something big planned for them at WrestleMania.

The Miz and R-Truth
The Miz and R-Truth (via WWE)

The WWE Universe’s reaction indicates a desire for R-Truth to stay involved with Judgment Day. WWE appears to be setting up a revenge storyline, with Truth seeking payback against the faction that’s humiliated him. Teaming up with The Miz, they could challenge Judgment Day for the Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 40, promising an exciting showdown.

As the 40th annual WrestleMania draws near, WWE prepares to put most titles on the line. The singles’ title scene promises classic matchups. With Truth and Miz returning as Awesome Truth, WWE could build to an intriguing end to the storyline. Moreover, the veteran tag team might end up dethroning Judgment Day and becoming the new Tag Team Champions.

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