“I’m Bloody Good at It”- Rhea Ripley expresses her HUNGER for a match against recently returned WWE Superstar

Former RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley expresses her desire for a singles match with Mia Yim, claiming that she is the finest of all.

Rhea Ripley in WWE (Image Credits- Wrestling Headlines)
Rhea Ripley in WWE (Image Credits- Wrestling Headlines)

It’s been exciting to see Rhea Ripley back in action after an injury in June. This week on RAW, Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka in the WarGames Advantage match. It was a decent main event, and both wrestlers, as usual, did not fail to impress.

A fifth member of Bianca Belair’s team is yet to be announced, whereas Bayley’s team is set with Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley filling in the spots alongside her, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai. Rhea Ripley getting an advantage for her team means her team will get the early advantage by making the match a two on one handicap match for two minutes.

The Judgement Day is currently involved in a feud with The O.C., and as we know, The O.C. has sorted out the Rhea problem by bringing in Mia Yim. AJ Styles will face Finn Balor at Survivor Series in a singles match, and this week on RAW, we saw the Judgment Day and O.C. involved in a backstage brawl. WWE executed the brawl pretty well, showing that both groups cannot stand each other.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Rhea Ripley mentioned that having a brief showdown with Beth Phoenix at Extreme Rules fulfilled her dream and that she wants to face a competitor of that caliber. She stated that the same goes for Mia Yim. She wants to have a match with Yim and show everyone that she is the best of all.

“……That was my dream. That is a competitor that I want to face, that I want to have that moment with. Now with Mia as well. She’s someone I want to have that match with and show everyone I can still wrestle and I’m bloody good at it,”

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Rhea Ripley talks about her feud with Bianca Belair

Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair at Royal Rumble 2021 (Image Credits- Republic World)
Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair at Royal Rumble 2021 (Image Credits- Republic World)

Earlier this year, Rhea Ripley won the No. 1 contender’s match for the RAW Women’s Championship. The stage was set at Money in the Bank, and a feud between Ripley and Belair began, but it never progressed since an injury sidelined Ripley. Carmella took Rhea Ripley’s spot, and Bianca Belair defeated her at the event. It felt like the feud between Belair, and Ripley was over before it could begin.

In the same interview, Ripley spoke about her feud with Bianca Belair. She said that both Belair and herself want their names to be etched in history. Ripley stated that she and Belair are perfect rivals. Adding that both want to be the next Steve Austin and The Rock of the Women’s division. She stated they want to steal the show when they perform out there.

“We want our names to be etched in history. We want to leave our legacy where we can be in the ring together and make magic…… We pretty much want to be the next Stone Cold and The Rock. We want to have the storylines. We want to go out there and we want to steal the show.”

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Rhea Ripley is doing one of the best works of her career and has been productive in the ring. She can headline the grandest stage and provide some of the greatest matches in women’s history. We can’t wait to watch Rhea Ripley continue her solo career and win the women’s title once more.

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