Rhea Ripley’s ex-girlfriend claims WWE Superstar is playing a big role in stopping the US government from banning TikTok

Cathy Kelley claimed that due to Rhea Ripley's recent TikTok record, the US government may not end up banning the application.

Rhea Ripley’s ex-girlfriend claims WWE Superstar is playing a big role in stopping the US government from banning TikTok

Rhea Ripley and the US Govt on TikTok

Rhea Ripley has a massive fanbase in real life as well as on social media. Recently, she has amassed over 900 million views on WWE’s official TikTok page for videos involving her. Cathy Kelley, her alleged ex-girlfriend, has commented on this record on her X account.


The pair have an adorable relationship on and off the screen. The backstage interviewer was full of praise for the Judgment Day member in light of her achievement. Cathy Kelley claimed that Rhea Ripley’s appearance on her official TikTok account clips has led to the US government having second thoughts on a potential ban.

Furthermore, she added that it has them actually thinking, “hmm maybe this TikTok thing isn’t so bad.” Cathy broke up with Rhea a month ago due to the latter growing closer to Samantha Irvin. The banter between them online has been a source of entertainment for the fans.

The Eradicator is not only a major draw on TikTok but her presence on other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, always gains the most views on their respective accounts. Therefore, Ripley Ripley is undeniably one of the biggest attractions on the main roster.


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Rhea Ripley sent a message to JD McDonagh

JD McDonagh and The Judgment Day
JD McDonagh and The Judgment Day(via Twitter)

JD McDonagh has been featured prominently on television lately. His interactions with the Judgment Day have been a major talking point for the WWE Universe. On last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the show ended with the faction standing tall with the former NXT Superstar looking in from the outside.

Afterwards, he posted a picture of him with Finn Balor and Damian Priest while attacking Sami Zayn. The caption of the image read, “Don’t overthink it.” This seemingly implied he wanted to be a part of the Judgment Day for helping the members. However, Rhea Ripley thought otherwise.

She replied to the original tweet by saying, “Shut tf up.” Therefore, Ripley showed what she really feels about McDonagh’s idea. Clearly, during their segments together, the Eradicator’s expressions displayed her annoyance towards him. During their most recent interaction on RAW, she berated JD McDonagh by telling him that the Judgment Day doesn’t take orders from anyone.


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