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“There’s personal reasons”- Former WWE writer feels that Roman Reigns may lose the Championship in near future

WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns might soon lose the championship, according to a former WWE writer Vince Russo.

Roman Reigns crying in WWE

Roman Reigns has proved his dominance yet again by defeating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Reigns has been unbeatable this year and has defended his championship against Brock Lesnar only until now. With his win over Lesnar, he has won the third Last Man Standing match of his career. It is said that Roman has signed a contract which allows him to only wrestle at certain major Live events. This year, Roman Reigns has only appeared and defended his championship at three big live events: WrestleMania and SummerSlam and Royal Rumble. He had lost the match at the Rumble against Seth Rollins but there was no title change as Rollins had won via disqualification.


Roman Reigns will defend his Championship now against Drew McIntyre at the Clash at the Castle live event on September 3rd. McIntyre had sealed his spot to face the champion, when he defeated Sheamus on July 29th edition of SmackDown. Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have faced each other numerous times in their career, mostly facing each other in Tag matches and have faced each other only 4 times in singles bout. Roman Reigns has managed to defeat McIntyre each time in the singles bout.

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Is it time for Roman Reigns to turn face?

Roman Reigns as a heel with Paul Heyman

On SportsKeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Former WWE Writer Vince Russo discussed the possibility of Roman Reigns turning to babyface again. Russo said that the WWE can pick anyone to go against Roman Reigns and mentioned that the Usos, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar as the ones to go against Roman. Russo said that with almost everything done in WWE as a heel WWE should turn him babyface once again.

Roman Reigns has been a heel since August 2020 and this is the second time, he has displayed the heel persona. The first time he was a heel was when he was a part of the stable “The Shield”, he portrayed it until 2014. Roman ‘s current heel persona has got rave reviews from the WWE Universe.

Vince Russo stated on the same show that it all comes down to business and that Roman Reigns may lose the belts unless there are special circumstances or if Roman needs a break from the organization. Russo mentioned Roman’s lengthy career, including his lengthy tenure as champion and his extended time on the road, as one of the reasons he could require a vacation from the profession at some point.

“Chris [host Dr. Chris Featherstone], at the end of the day, this is what it all comes down to: business, unless there’s personal reasons that we don’t know about – in other words, unless Roman wants time off, because that could very well be the case. I don’t know, he’s had a long run. He could be the one that says, ‘You know what, I need six months. I need a break.”

Clash at the Castle will take place on September 3rd at Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.

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