“I was Blank” Roman Reigns talks about his infamous promo with John Cena and how it improved him

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

One of the WWE megastars of this generation, Roman Reigns is also the company’s current face. He is currently on his dominant heel run, during which he is currently holding both World Championships and the Universal Championship for well over 750 days, which is a significant record in and of itself.

With his unsuccessful Babyface pushes and even his failed Royal Rumble victory, Roman has endured a lot of hardship in his career. Roman has also struggled to give promos, but in the year 2020, when he made his heel comeback, he eventually overcome all of those issues.

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Roman Reigns and John Cena’s infamous promo

Roman Reigns
John Cena and Roman Reigns

When John Cena returned to the company and began a pass-the-torch feud with Roman Reigns, it was one of the biggest feuds in the WWE in 2017. The WWE had to offer the WrestleMania-caliber match on a Show No Mercy of a lower grade because it had to be finished quickly.

At that point, Roman Reigns needed one of the biggest boosts, and John Cena returned just to give him that boost and make him the face of the WWE. The conflict featured a lengthy build-up and an iconic promo in which John Cena pointed out something instead of continuing when Roman went blank.

Roman recently admitted in a podcast with Logan Paul that he was Blank at the time. He believes it was a really embarrassing moment for him, thus John bringing it up was a major deal. Roman claimed he has no resentments but that he has learned from the promo.

He thinks that after doing this promo, he got better in the ring and the promo work helped him become the big star he is now. If John had not brought this up, he wouldn’t have taken the lesson from that moment to heart, so John Cena, of course, deserves the credit for turning him into a WWE megastar.

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