“He probably only does it,” Eight-time Mr. Olympia winner claims John Cena has taken steroids, raises questions about WWE’s wellness policy 

Ronnie Coleman expressed his thoughts on whether John Cena used steroids for his WWE career.

“He probably only does it,” Eight-time Mr. Olympia winner claims John Cena has taken steroids, raises questions about WWE’s wellness policy 

John Cena (via WWE)

John Cena is a name that not only represents WWE but also the physical condition that is idolized by many fans and fitness freaks alike. As a result, the WWE Universe has always pondered whether the Franchise Player used steroids to build his physique. Recently, 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, spoke at length about the fitness industry. Moreover, Coleman briefly opened up about steroid users in the fitness industry. 


During an appearance on The Ranveer Show, the popular bodybuilder got involved in an exercise where he was supposed to identify steroid users. He did so by observing the physiques of figures like John Cena. With all the experience accumulated throughout his career, Coleman tried to be respectful while judging them. However, in a shocking revelation, he affirmed that Cena did utilize steroids for his physique.

Someway a long way, he took little little. You don't have to take it for a long period of time. You can just do just a short period of time. He's only taking off his clothes for sometime. It's not like he is doing everyday. 
Ronnie Coleman on John Cena’s physique

While Coleman identified the users of steroids, he did so quite professionally. He elaborated on the need to be presentable in the best of their physique, which WWE wrestlers and actors need. Just like Cena, he even suggested that The Rock used steroids in his career. While it brings up a lot of questions related to the WWE Wellness Policy, one can also look back on the trials and tribulations that Vince McMahon went through in the early days of running the Stamford-based company. 

Cena debuted with a chiseled physique in WWE. Fans who have tracked his progress since the days of OVW remember the physical specimen that the Cenation Leader was. While Cena is keeping himself busy with his Hollywood projects, he did find enough time to meet and perform for his fans. He last wrestled the Bloodline Enforcer, Solo Sikoa, at Crown Jewel 2023.


Ronnie Coleman expresses his thoughts about Brock Lesnar’s physique

Ronnie Coleman is a name that almost everyone familiar with Mr. Olympia knows about. Ever since he stepped away from active competition, he has been attending various talk shows and podcasts to disseminate his knowledge. He was recently a part of The Ranveer Show, where he participated in a brief exercise on identifying physique nuances and steroid uses. During the interview, had some interesting views about Brock Lesnar‘s physique.

Brock Lesnar and Ronnie Coleman
Brock Lesnar and Ronnie Coleman (via WWE)
From the looks, I don't think he is taking anything. That's just natural progression of a guy who's worked hard and genetically gifted.
Ronnie Coleman on Brock Lesnar’s physique

He was further asked about how he could identify the Beast as a natural athlete. He pointed out the lack of definition throughout the body. Even in his 40s, Lesnar’s physique still bears natural tenacity, as affirmed by 8-time Mr. Olympia. Such words from a veteran of bodybuilding exemplify the supernatural abilities that the Beast possesses.

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