“You want me to take bumps?” Scream 6 star Josh Segarra wants to form a tag team with Bad Bunny in WWE

Fans may see Scream 6 star Josh Segarra in WWE. The TV celebrity has shown his intentions to form a tag team with Bad Bunny.

“You want me to take bumps?” Scream 6 star Josh Segarra wants to form a tag team with Bad Bunny in WWE

Bad Bunny and Josh Segarra

‘Scream VI’ actor Josh Segarra is willing to make an appearance in WWE. Segarra wishes to form a tag team with Bad Bunny. Following in the footsteps of multiple award-winning solo artists, Seggara is ready to try his hands at the sport. He is determined to turn his childhood dream into a reality.


In an interview given to E! News, Josh revealed his love for professional wrestling. He stated that he has been a WWE fan since his childhood days and, moving a step further, wants to perform inside the ring. 

In the interview, he said, “I’m waiting on the call. I’m ready, I’ve got promos I can cut right now on whoever they need me to. You want me to go face or heel? You want me to take bumps? I’ll go over the top rope in the Royal Rumble!” Basically, Segarra is not concerned about his potential role. He just wants to be in the ring.

He also stated, “We’ve set up mattresses in the middle of our living room with pillows,” sharing the love his kids and family have for wrestling. The wrestling blood is running wild in the Segarra family.


Bad Bunny is all set to be the host of WWE Backlash to be held in Puerto Rico on May 6. Bad Bunny will be feuding with Dominik Mysterio on the show, as per the current circumstances. Who knows that Bad Bunny may end up teaming with Josh at the event?  

The TV star couldn’t hide his love for the sport. His eagerness to associate with the WWE is just out of the world. Bad Bunny was the last big star that showed the same levels of enthusiasm for the sport and he actually did deliver some great matches.

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Previous appearances of Josh Segarra in WWE

Josh Segarra at SummerSlam 2015
Josh Segarra at SummerSlam 2015 (Source: WWE)

Josh Segarra has made his presence at previous WWE Events too. He was present at SummerSlam 2015 event. He sat in the Second row and watched Stephen Amell take on Cody Rhodes. 


Josh, then became friends with Stephen Amell. Both share a strong bond due to their mutual love for wrestling. The two were even seen together in AEW’s “All In” event. Josh was with Stephen in his corner for his support.

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