Top 10 best gimmicks of Attitude Era in WWE

Professional wrestling was at its peak during the Attitude Era. It was a great time to be a wrestling fan. Fans saw the emergence of some of the greatest gimmicks during that time.

Top 10 best gimmicks of Attitude Era in WWE

The Attitude Era is considered one of the best periods in professional wrestling. Fans witnessed some of the best storylines and characters during the period. There were good gimmicks and then were the best gimmicks in the Attitude Era.

Some gimmicks were so great that they were able to stand out and make a huge name for themselves. Fans, mesmerized by the characters, still remember them even after decades. Some of the best gimmicks of the Attitude Era are given below:

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10. The Brood

The Brood
The Brood (Source: WWE)

The group of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian was called The Brood. Acting like a vampire, Gangrel was the leader, while Edge and Christian were the disciples. The group had one of the best entrances at the time. They would rise from the fire wearing long coats and sunglasses. The group got huge pops from the crowd and gave a great start to the careers of young Edge and Christian.

9. Too Cool

Too Cool
Too Cool (Source: talkSPORT)

Rikishi, along with Scotty 2 Hotty and GrandMaster Sexy, formed a team called Too Cool. Similar to their name, the group was literally very cool. Their entrance and especially their dance moves in the ring are still remembered to this day. Rikishi would perform a strut with funny glasses while Scotty did his iconic move ‘The W-O-R-M’.

8. D Generation-X

D Generation-X
D Generation-X (Source: Publicist)

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chyna, X-Pac, The Road Dogg, and The Badass Billy Gunn constituted one of the most iconic factions ‘DX’. The group was a complete package and often went too far with their actions. They casually used 18+ words in their promos. Chyna was declared the 9th wonder of the world. Their iconic catchphrase, along with the action “Suck It” is still popular among fans.

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7. Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon (Source: X-fire)

Surprisingly, the boss of the company is one of the greatest gimmicks of all time. Vince McMahon played heel for most of his run. HE would form ‘The Corporation’, a heel faction involving Shane McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, Gerald Brisco, and others.

McMahon also didn’t hesitate to wrestle inside the ring despite being in his late 50s. He is inarguably one of the best talkers ever, and his power to control the audience is just incredible.

6. Mankind

Mankind (Source: WWE)

The character of Mankind was an alter ego of Mick Foley. Mankind was an eccentric mask-wearing man who was always ready to go beyond the limits. He was smashed from the top of the cage into the ring by The Undertaker at the 1998 King of the Ring event. His infamous tag team with The Rock called ‘Rock N Sock Connection’ was also loved by the WWE Universe. The night he won the WWF championship against the Rock led to a reversal in ratings in favor of WWE.

5. Kane

Kane (Source: Cultured Vultures)

The Devil’s favorite Demon, Kane, was one of the biggest stars in the Attitude Era. He was a complete powerhouse who wore a reddish-black mask. The mysteriousness of his character and being showcased as the brother of The Undertaker are what made him so popular at the time. Not only that but he was also involved in funny segments at times with the likes of The Rock.

4. Y2J Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho (Source: Reddit)

Many agree that Chris Jericho is one of the most underrated superstars ever. His debut in 1999 is iconic. He is the first undisputed champion in the WWE, defeating Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night. His feud with The Rock is one of the most memorable. Fans also remember his iconic segments with Stephanie McMahon. Y2J is known for his smooth in-ring style and amazing mic work, despite not being big in size as per WWE standards.

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3. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle (Source: WWE)

The Olympic gold medalist signed with WWE in 1998. Soon after his debut, he became a top star. During his feud with Shane McMahon, he delivered a moonsault from the top of the cage. He was also involved in a love-triangle storyline with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Moreover, his rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin is highly appreciated. Overall, Kurt Angle played the role of both hero as well as a villain with perfection and is one of the most important superstars of the Attitude Era.

2. The Rock

The Rock
The Rock (Source: Pinterest)

‘The Great One’ had it all. The Rock had a perfect character, mic skills, in-ring ability, charisma, control over the audience, and whatnot. He, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin was the face of The Attitude Era. His iconic catchphrase, ‘If you smell what the Rock is cookin’?’ is one of the most loved ones. He was successful in playing both; babyface as ‘The People’s Champ’ and heel as ‘The Corporate Rock’.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin (Source: WWE)

The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, was one of the most over stars with the crowd in the Attitude Era. Austin may not be the best in-ring performer or the greatest mic worker, but he had something in him which made him the top guy. He was in the main-event of WrestleMania along with The Rock several times. He was also famously known as the guy who laid hands on his boss on live television.

The Attitude Era presented some of the greatest gimmicks of all time. Although there were dozens of great gimmicks but only a select few of them made the list of ‘Top 10 best gimmicks of Attitude Era in WWE’.

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