“I wanna be able to do that STUFF with her” Seth Rollins has some great future plans with his daughter

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are parents to two year old Roux Lopez and are planning to make her future secure and happy by working hard.

Seth Rollins with his daughter
Seth Rollins with his daughter
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We have seen Seth Rollins over all these years in the company. Making his debut as the member of ‘The Shield’ he made up a name for himself. The team was very successful as a group and dominated the entire brand. He later turned against the team and focused on his individual matches. 

They say that with responsibility comes power and Seth has proved the quote true. He got married to WWE Superstar Becky Lynch in 2021 and they have a daughter named Roux Lopez and is less than 2 years old. Seth has seemed to be watchful for whatever he does on screen and so does Becky. 

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Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are working for their daughter

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch with their daughter
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch with their daughter

Seth was recently in an interview where he spoke about what her daughter has brought into their lives. He said that she has been his inspiration. He wants to make her feel proud of her father and thus wants to work hard for her. Like any other parent, he wants to earn for her and give all that she will want. “I think she’s been extra inspirational in that way, but at the same time, she’s obviously made me think about things in a safer way,” added Rollins.

He wants to stay in a good condition in the ring so that he can still be good when he is with her. For this reason he has started playing safe in the ring since he doesn’t want to miss any time he gets with his daughter on healing from injuries. Rollins has been out of any major story currently working in the show. His feud with Riddle got postponed at SummerSlam since Riddle was injured.

Earlier, Becky Lynch also spoke about how she wanted to be a role model for her daughter and make her proud. The two parents are doing everything possible to make their daughter proud of them. Seth Rollins will most probably be booked for a match at the WWE Clash At The Castle that is to happen next month. Whereas Becky has been out of the ring owing to the injury he has suffered.

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