“I wish he would let more of that out”- Former WWE Superstar says Seth Rollins’ performances are missing the energy

Former WWE Superstar Shane Douglas believes that Seth Rollins' performances lack energy and claims that he lacks the intensity he once had on independent circuits.

Seth Rollins in WWE
Seth Rollins in WWE

Seth Rollins’ current avatar in the WWE looks intense and his feelings towards his rival Matt Riddle seem to be genuine as the two harbor hatred against each other in real life too. Seth Rollins had recently said in an interview that he never likes the way Matt conducts himself but appreciates his desire to work hard for being the best in the business. Seth Rollins recently fought against Bobby Lashley for the US Championship but was defeated due to Matt’s distraction.

Seth Rollins will now face Matt Riddle in a Fight Pit match at the Extreme Rules, the match being similar to Steel Cage match but there is no escape from anywhere and the wrestler can win via Submission or Pinfall. The record between Seth and Matt at the Premium live events stands at 1-0, with Rollins winning the recent one at the Clash at the Castle. Seth Rollins might not have showed any intensity in his match against Lashley on RAW, and this has been pointed out by Former WWE Superstar Shane Douglas.

In a recent episode of wrestling shoot interviews, Douglas mentioned that he had seen Seth Rollins perform at independent events and other venues, and that the former WWE Champion was a completely different performer there. Douglas urged Rollins to bring more of the intensity he displayed in those environments. Additionally, he said that the WWE could be attempting to lessen the intensity of his performances.

“I’ve seen him work on independent shows in other places and seen a different side of him that I don’t see when he’s performing before them. I wish he would let more of that out, I don’t know how much they micromanage. In my experience, it was quite a bit.”

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Seth Rollins spoke about how his wife Becky Lynch was body shamed

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle involved in a brawl.
Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle involved in a brawl.

During a recent interview with BT Sport, Seth Rollins recalled how Matt Riddle’s ex-wife body shamed his wife and current WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. According to Seth Rollins, Riddle didn’t stand up to his wife when she publicly body shamed Becky Lynch on Instagram; instead, he chose to support her. He stated he entirely understood Matt Riddle siding with his wife because she was his wife at the moment, but he also acknowledged that occasionally a man might zip his trap. Riddle gets into trouble, according to Rollins, because he opens his mouth and says things when he shouldn’t.

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