43-year-old Superstar credited with sending Ronda Rousey to an inferior company than WWE

Shayna Baszler is heavily praised by a Raw superstar for hounding Ronda Rousey out to a lesser company than WWE.

43-year-old Superstar credited with sending Ronda Rousey to an inferior company than WWE

Ronda Rousey (via WWE)

Former WWE star, Ronda Rousey is arguably one of the biggest entities in the history of combat sports. Whether it was WWE or UFC, the Rowdy One has been a force to be reckoned with in whichever promotion she stepped foot in. Earlier this year, Rousey finally departed from WWE after spending over 6 years in the company. That being said, Nia Jax recently credited Shayna Baszler with sending Rousey packing to a less popular promotion.

While speaking in an interview with Mike Karolyi, Jax was asked her thoughts about facing Shayna Baszler in the December 4 edition of Raw. The Irresistible Force responded by heaping praise on her in-ring prowess and judo skills. Furthermore, the 39-year-old accredited Baszler for ousting the Rowdy One from WWE. She stated that the Queen of Spades sent Ronda to a lesser-known company than WWE.

She did take out Ronda Rousey. You know, Ronda Rousey just got sent to a whole another company lesser than us.
Nia Jax crediting Shayna Baszler with Ronda Rousey’s WWE exit

Rousey worked her last WWE match at SummerSlam 2023 with her long-time best friend Shayna Baszler. The two squared off with each other in an MMA Rules match. The Queen of Spades scored a decisive victory against the former. It marked her final match in WWE before parting ways with the company.

In addition to that, the 36-year-old has already made multiple non-WWE wrestling appearances since leaving the company. Back in October, she tagged with her close friend, Marina Shafir, in a tag-team match. A couple of weeks ago, the two women reunited again to take on ROH Women’s Champion Athena and Billie Starz in another tag-team action.

Ronda Rousey shoots down the rumors of her signing with AEW

Former WWE and UFC superstar Ronda Rousey has been a buzzing topic on the internet over the past few weeks. This was due to the Rowdy One’s most recent appearance in a ROH Tapings. Rousey’s appearance on AEW’s sister promotion, Ring of Honor, has sparked rumors of her eventual contract signing with the Jacksonville-based company.

AEW logo and Ronda Rousey (via Comicbook.com and Wrestling Headlines)

The 36-year-old has nevertheless debunked the torrent of rumors in a recent interview. While speaking in an interview with TMZ Sports, the Rowdy One was asked whether the fans could expect her to be a fixture in AEW programming. Without beating around the bush, Rousey straight away denied the ongoing rumors of her AEW debut.

No, no, I don't think so, Mommy duties! 👶 Just trying to be home with the family, and be a full-time mom.
Ronda Rousey in the TMZ interview

The former WWE Champion clarified by saying that she is currently focused on being a full-time mommy. Furthermore, she added that her family and baby are her top priorities right now. As a result, she does not intend to sign a long-term deal with AEW or any other promotion. Only time will tell whether or not Rousey changes her mind about becoming “All Elite.”

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