“Massive let down” Sheamus reacts to his bad return to WWE after 8 months in the year 2020

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus talks about how his return was a total fail bak in the year 2020.

Sheamus in WWE (Image credits: Imago)

One of the most popular and prominent talents in the wrestling business in recent years is Sheamus. He has established himself as a superstar who can adapt to any narrative that WWE presents; it makes no difference to him whether he is positioned as the face of the organisation or the mid-card; he always gives it his all.

The Celtic Warrior has triumphed in every competition held by the WWE, including the Royal Rumble, the Money in the Bank contract, and even the world championship on many occasions. However, he has yet to capture the Intercontinental Championship, for which he is presently engaged in a thrilling rivalry with the reigning champion Gunther.

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Sheamus’s injury in the year 2019 was too bad for him

Sheamus (Image credits: Imago)

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, recently discussed how he had an injury in 2019 following WrestleMania 35, suffering a concussion and experiencing knee problems. He missed more than 6 months of action before making a comeback in 2020.

Sheamus claims that he celebrated the signing of the contract between BT Sport and WWE by making his comeback to the WWE at a house show during which he competed. Sheamus was disappointed by this since he believed the break was significant and that he deserved to return to the WWE’s major events.

Sheamus claimed that the concussion and the injury were significant factors and that he deserved a surprise comeback. Although he was not pleased with his return in the year 2020, Sheamus is now content because he is being positioned on the main roster in the mid-card division as a challenger to Gunther’s reign as champion.

Former Champion said, “After the concussion, I got at the last WrestleMania in New York — I’m so bad at these WrestleMania numbers. There are so many WrestleManias. So that’s when we’re in New York. I had a concussion on SmackDown and I was out for a while. It was a complete massive, massive let down return because, for me, I felt like I deserved to come back on the big stage after everything I’ve done in my career”

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