WATCH: Six months pregnant Carmella sets the stage on fire with her sexy catwalk in bikini at Miami Swim Week

Carmella showed off her six-month baby bump while rocking her catwalk at Miami Swim Week while inspiring other women.

WATCH: Six months pregnant Carmella sets the stage on fire with her sexy catwalk in bikini at Miami Swim Week

Carmella (via Sportzwiki)

Carmella announced her pregnancy along with her husband, Corey Graves, two months ago on Instagram. Considering her maternity leave, she has been away from WWE programming for four months now but has not forgotten to live her life in the meantime. The Princess of Staten Island was spotted flaunting her baby bump on a catwalk at Miami Swim Week and rocking the stage with her elegant bikini look.

The show scheduled between July 4 and July 11 this year was attended by WWE star Carmella on the weekend. Mella then took to Instagram to share the video of her catwalk at Miami Beach. The video uploaded was stated to be a low-quality video, having been screen recorded from the official page’s Instagram Live, but the emotions filled in those captions made up for the lesser visual experience. 


The heartfelt caption straight up asked the rhetorical question about who cannot rock a bikini while being 6 months pregnant. Carmella stated that she initially second-guessed her decision to be a part of Miami Swim Week. But she later explained to herself that it is important for other women to show that life should not stop during their pregnancy. She concluded by saying that she was proud of herself for having stepped outside of her comfort zone.

Carmella’s last televised match saw her facing Bianca Belair on the March 6 episode of RAW. But her official hiatus began after losing in a 10-person tag team match at WWE‘s live show from Madison Square Garden on March 12. As she is due in November, it could be speculated that her possible return will come at the Royal Rumble event in January 2024, making a momentous return on the huge stage.

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Carmella reacts to her former tag team partner Naomi’s new look

Carmella and Naomi
Carmella and Naomi (via Ringside News)

Former WWE star Naomi parted ways from the company last year and landed in Impact Wrestling two months ago. As her friend Carmella is still signed to the Stamford-based company, most interactions happen through social media. Such an interaction was seen when Carmella reacted to The Glow’s new look.

As Noami took to Twitter while sharing a picture of her new look with a new wig. She wrote a caption of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s song WAP and stated its lyrics. Naomi wrote, “Switch my wig, make him feel like he cheating” having her multicolored wig beside her.

This post by Naomi was replied to in a strange way by her former tag team partner, Carmella. Her response was a GIF of Patrick Star from the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants drooling over it. Carmella’s response could be understood in many ways, but the essence is that she is also drooling over Naomi’s new look.


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