Stephanie McMahon accused of playing a role in covering up Ashley Massaro’s s*xual assault claims

Stephanie McMahon has had her fair share of controversies over the years in WWE.

Stephanie McMahon accused of playing a role in covering up Ashley Massaro’s s*xual assault claims

Stephanie McMahon and Ashley Massaro (Via Wrestling news and Wrestling Inc.)

Since Vince McMahon was accused of sexually assaulting former WWE employee Janel Grant, many more stories have surfaced online. One of those stories was about former WWE star Ashley Massaro, who unfortunately passed away in 2019. Although her story of struggle was out for a very long time, her lifelong friend, Cara Pipia shed some more light on it. 

Cara gave an interview on News Nation and talked about the horrific incident her best friend went through when she was in WWE. Ashley made an affidavit in public where she accused WWE of covering up the sexual assault on her at the Kuvait military base in 2007. 

Her friend, Cara, even accused Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, of covering up the allegations. She further gave information that after she was sexually assaulted, she had a boardroom meeting with both Vince and Steph; however, they told her not to even talk about that again. 

She spoke with Vince McMahon many times... Vince had his daughter take his place because she was a female to make Ashley comfortable and they played with her, just played with her. As soon as she walked into the boardroom, she was threatened, and... there was no compassion, no sympathy, there was nothing.
Ashley Massaro’s friend Cara Pipia via NewsNation

After the heinous allegations, Vince resigned from the company and took his retirement. Many fans were hoping that Stephanie would come back to handle things at WWE. Steph was recently seen with her husband, Triple H, with Catch A-Lift Fund veterans and members. Only time will tell whether this spiral of sexual allegations catches up to Stephanie McMahon too or not. 

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Former WWE star Greg Gagne’s comments once made Stephanie McMahon angry

WWE has been the focal point of conversation for the past few weeks due to many reasons. One of the most talked-about incidents is the sexual allegations against Vince McMahon made by former WWE employee Janel Grant. Many WWE stars are expressing their opinions on this matter, and now former OVW booker, Greg Gagne has also joined the conversation. 

Greg Gagne and Stephanie McMahon
Greg Gagne and Stephanie McMahon (via Amino Apps and WWE)

Greg spoke with RF Studio and shared the incident, which involved Vince McMahon, Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, and Stephanie McMahon. The Billion-Dollar Princess made a statement that Vince made Hulk Hogan into the huge star that he is. However, when Greg opposed this statement by her, Steph did not take that very well. 

Greg was released by WWE in 2006 for some unknown reason. Amidst all the allegations Vince is facing, there could be many more incidents coming out in the future. Only time will tell what the future holds for the McMahons.

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