The Miz breaks the silence by making headlines after getting stuck in the locker room ahead of Raw

The Miz shares humourous statement for headlining the news after funny Raw incident.

The Miz breaks the silence by making headlines after getting stuck in the locker room ahead of Raw

The Miz (via USA Network and Yahoo)

A surprising incident happened this week on Raw. WWE Superstar The Miz got himself locked in the locker room. However, Miz himself uploaded the video of himself getting locked. Therefore, it can be concluded that he legitimately got locked.

The whole incident caught the attention of the WWE Universe very quickly. He kept updating the WWE Universe about not being able to get out. After waiting for hours, the 2-time WWE Champion had to resort to coming out of the hole made in the door. He was forced to crawl out of the locked room.

Thankfully, the 43-year-old Superstar got out in time for his segment on Raw. The first 2-time WWE Grand Slam Champion was shocked to make it to the headlines by being stuck in the room. Moreover, he claimed he was indeed a celebrity by making the aforementioned headline.

The Miz has recently reunited with his former teammate, R-Truth to reform Awesome Truth. Earlier, both the Superstars were heel and got booed by the WWE Universe. Fast forward to 2024, they are babyfaces and are loved by them. They are speculated to face The Judgment Day for the Undisputed Tag Titles at WrestleMania XL.

Awesome Truth forming a massive faction to take down The Judgment Day

Since R-Truth returned to the WWE, he continuously tried to interject himself in The Judgment Day. Despite getting humiliated and beaten down by them, he would not stop. The Miz would come to his rescue but Truth was adamant. In a recent episode of Raw, Miz was absent, and surprisingly, #DIY came to help the John Cena fanboy from the evil faction.

Awesome Truth and #DIY
Awesome Truth and #DIY (via X/@SeanRossSapp)

The comedic wrestler thanked DIY by referring to them as DX. This week on Raw, Awesome Truth was seen sharing the screen with #DIY when they planned to take The Judgment Day down for good. Their plans haven’t been revealed as such but it seems WWE is planning a huge showdown between the two factions.

Awesome Truth has been feuding with The Judgment Day for months. With R-Truth not wearing the heel faction’s merchandise anymore, it appears he won’t be hanging out with them anymore. WWE might book Awesome Truth to take on Damian Priest and Finn Balor at WrestleMania XL for the Tag Titles. #DIY will ensure that Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh do not interfere in the proposed match.

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