Finn Balor sends 3-word message to WWE veteran after The Judgment Day brutally assaulted him

Finn Balor shows no remorse for his and Judgment Day's assault on R-Truth.

Finn Balor sends 3-word message to WWE veteran after The Judgment Day brutally assaulted him

Finn Balor (via Wrestle Talk and Youtube/WWE)

This week on Raw, R-Truth fought JD McDonagh in a singles contest. Despite being aware of the wrath that awaited him, the veteran went for the match. Although McDonagh picked up the win, Judgment Day orchestrated a post-match assault on the 52-year-old. What surprised the WWE Universe was that Damian Priest landed the first blow, who looked open to welcoming Truth to the faction the week prior.

Following the beatdown of Truth, Finn Balor took to X to send a message. He mentioned three words that conveyed the opposite message to Suntan Superman’s “Live, Laugh, and Love.” Clearly, Balor seems to have enjoyed beating him on Raw. Judging by how little the first Universal Champion and the former 24/7 champion interacted, The Demon surprisingly praised the beatdown.

Finn Balor on X.

Initially, R-Truth joining Judgment Day looked like a possibility, but a recent turn of events seems otherwise. After continuous beatdowns and humiliations at the hands of the group, the heel faction has closed the doors for the veteran. When all hopes were dashed of his rescue, #DIY came to the rescue of the John Cena fanboy on Raw.

Fans were hoping to see The Miz somehow make it to Truth’s rescue. With Miz continuously involved in the feud, it seems WWE is building for a major showdown at the Grandest Stage of Them All. As such, Judgment Day is most likely set to face the recently reunited Awesome Truth for the Tag Team Championships.

The recently upgraded Bloodline seemingly looking to reclaim the number one faction spot away from Judgment Day

For some time, The Bloodline was the most talked about faction until last year. After Jey Uso and Sami Zayn left The Bloodline, the faction seems to have lost itself in the mix. With the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, being a part-timer, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa were tasked with carrying the burden of the group. While The Bloodline storyline began to lose steam, Judgment Day slowly became the best faction in the entire WWE.

Roman Reigns and The Rock
Roman Reigns and The Rock (via WWE)

Recently, The Rock returned to the WWE and is expected to stay for a longer time than expected. Although The Brahma Bull was slated to go head-to-head with The Head of the Table, the two cousins have joined forces. The Great One turned heel and was announced to return with The Tribal Chief to his home, SmackDown. With the hype and anticipation WWE is creating about the recently upgraded Bloodline, it seems that they are back on top.

With two of the biggest stars of different eras in a single faction, The Bloodline is coming back to assert dominance. As a result, the WWE Universe has now shifted its focus from Judgment Day to the real-life faction. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see whether the two most dominant factions currently come to blows on the Road to WrestleMania.

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