“Nobody has a scientific formula,” The Miz reveals how Roman Reigns climbed to the pinnacle of WWE

The Miz sheds light on how Roman Reigns ascended to the apex of the mountain in WWE.

“Nobody has a scientific formula,” The Miz reveals how Roman Reigns climbed to the pinnacle of WWE

It was almost a decade ago when WWE earmarked its new face for the company. They gradually began shifting the spotlight from John Cena, the erstwhile face of the company, to Roman Reigns. However, the latter’s journey to mega-stardom wasn’t as easy and smooth as it may appear now. The Miz recently shared his thoughts on how The Tribal Chief reached the top of the ladder.

In the recent edition of the UK-based WWE podcast, Gorilla Position, The A-Lister expressed his thoughts on why Roman Reigns is the topmost superstar in WWE. The Miz stated that the 38-year-old is the top merchandise seller in WWE, indicating that he is a big asset to the company. Moreover, he shed light on the unfathomable fanbase that Roman Reigns has.


The Awesome One went on to compare Roman Reigns with John Cena, who carried the company on his back for over a decade. He stated that Reigns has the same aura and abilities as Cena. Miz also highlighted that the Tribal Chief has the knack of working the crowd, much like John Cena.

He is selling the most merch out of anybody. People are gonna sit there and go, 'Oh well, he shouldn't be here, he shouldn't be doing this.' Nobody knows, nobody has scientific formula to being the most over superstar in all of WWE.
The Miz on Gorilla Position

The 43-year-old stated that the Undisputed Champion knows how to get a reaction out of the crowd. Needless to say, Roman Reigns is at the top of the mountain for a reason. The company has full trust in Reigns’ ability and drawing power to fetch them higher profits. Over the last few years, The Tribal Chief has proven that he is a bonafide star by bringing in higher ratings to each and every WWE programming he was a part of.

The Miz was criticized by Gunther for his wrestling abilities

A couple of weeks ago, WWE pulled the trigger on The Miz’s babyface turn. Ever since, the A-Lister has been at loggerheads with the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Eventually, The Miz punched his tickets to Survivor Series by winning a Fatal Four-Way No. 1 contender match to face Gunther. As the A-Lister looks to face the Ring General at the upcoming PLE, the latter has taken yet another dig at Miz’s in-ring prowess.

Gunther and The Miz
Gunther and The Miz (via Wrestling News)

Gunther and his fellow Imperium stablemate Ludwig Kaiser were the special guests on last week’s edition of WWE’s The Bump. Speaking on the talk show, the former was asked his opinion on Ivar and The Miz. The two men recently collided on the November 13 edition of Monday Night Raw. Gunther had positive things to say about Ivar, but quite the opposite for his rival.

His (The Miz) wrestling skills are very minimal, I think. That’s why he’s not as much of a danger to me as Ivar would be. But he brings another upside, he’s able to tear me apart on the microphone. That has a psychological effect on people that are weaker-minded than I am.
Gunther on The Bump

He stated that the A-Lister is not a threat to him or his coveted title, as his wrestling skills are quite minimal. Nevertheless, he admitted that the former can rip him apart on the microphone in a verbal promo. But he also added that Miz’s verbal diatribe can only affect people with weaker minds, implying he is far more resilient than everyone else.

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