“If anyone was offended, I’m sorry” – The Undertaker opens up about leaving out Mick Foley in his WWE Hall of Fame speech

The Undertaker was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022. His speech at the event invited controversy for missing the mention of Mick Foley.

The Undertaker and Mick Foley share a great bond
The Undertaker and Mick Foley share a great bond

The Undertaker has been serving the WWE community for over 3 decades. The Undertaker in this character has been one of the most popular gimmicks of the show. The 57 year old ‘Deadman’ is no longer a regular performer but is still a part of the WWE Universe. In 2019, he signed a contract with WWE that considers him an employee of the company for 15 years.

Despite having a contract with the company, the Undertaker took his retirement in 2020 from the ring. After being a part of the company for the longest reign ever, he finally made it to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022. His speech from the day has been a topic of controversy for the WWE Universe. He mentioned all his best rivals but missed out Mick Foley.

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The Undertaker and Mick Foley share a great bond

The Undertaker and Mick Foley at Ric Flair's last match
The Undertaker and Mick Foley at Ric Flair’s last match

On ‘Foley is Pod’, Mick Foley said that the Undertaker not mentioning him didn’t matter to him. “Look, I never expect a mention. That’s my feeling – glass half-full guy. I never expect it, but it’s always nice when it happens. So, if somebody asked me, would I have liked him to mention my name? Yeah, sure, that would have been really nice. But I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed because I don’t expect it,” said Mick Foley. 

This instance took a very weird turn when fans took this very seriously. The Undertaker was in an interview, where he apologized for the same. The Undertaker said, “I hope they didn’t get their feelings hurt, but it wasn’t about all that. It was about my journey and the things I’ve learned through those 30-plus years that I was trying to share and help people in their lives and thank the WWE Universe. That’s what it was all about. If anyone was offended, I’m sorry.” 

He further added that he did not mention Mick and Edge since what they shared was beyond mentions. Their bond has fought the test of time and has won it. Mick Foley and the Undertaker have fought many matches together and created numerous memories in and outside WWE. The two are often seen together off the screen and their bond is still the same. 

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