“Now Jimmy can go get drunk and get another DUI with no consequences “ – Twitter turns hilarious as The Usos defended their WWE tag team titles

The Usos brothers successfully defended the WWE tag team titles by defeating The Street Profits at Money in the Bank 2022

The Usos vs. The Street Profits
The Usos vs. The Street Profits
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What a day it has been so fat at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, where the WWE Money in the Bank live premium event is ongoing. The Usos came face to face against The Street Profits in an attempt to defend their unified WWE tag team titles. The WWE Universe was ready to witness an incredible battle, and both teams didn’t disappoint.

Before the contest between the two tag teams started, The Usos did a promo, and The Profits came into the arena out of the crowd. Meanwhile, the commentators were talking about the possibility of the Profits winning the contest. However, that might not have been in the plans for The Usos.

It didn’t take too long for The Usos to take control of the bout. Ford was caught with a superkick by Jey after being tagged in and coming off the top rope.

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How did the fight between The Usos and The Street Profits go?

Sami Zayn talking with the bloodline
Sami Zayn talking with the usos from the bloodline

Usos brothers superkicked Dawkins off the apron after dominating Ford for a while. At the time, Dawkins wasn’t available to tag Ford but quickly he made a comeback. Finally after receiving the tag, Dawkins dove over the top rope onto both of his opponents. Later, when Jimmy got double attacked by Ford and Dawkins, his attempt to kick out was successful.

Later, Jey and Dawkins exchanged some blows before Ford attempted a blockbuster, only to be unsuccessful. Ford got struck by The Usos’ double superkick but successfully kicked out. The entire match was full of action, as it was supposed to be, given that the championship titles were at stake.

In the end, it was The Usos who successfully defended their titles. Also, the crowd loved the feud as they didn’t hesitate to cheer both teams as they made their way out of the ring.

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What did the Twitterati have to say about the match?

The Usos
The Usos

As usual, Twitter was in a frenzy as The Usos locked horns with The Street Profits. These are a few tweets coming in from social media:

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