Tony Khan breaks silence on odious ‘s*xual trafficking’ allegations against Vince McMahon

The AEW founder doesn't have much to say about the abominable lawsuit.

Tony Khan breaks silence on odious ‘s*xual trafficking’ allegations against Vince McMahon

Tony Khan and Vince McMahon [via- AEW and Fightful on X]

The heinous allegations brought forth by Janel Grant against Vince McMahon drove the former WWE CEO out of business in a major way. Not only did the lawsuit put WWE in a dark place, but it also set the bells ringing regarding the safety of women in their workplace. AEW prez, Tony Khan recently sat down with Fansided, and he was asked to proffer his two cents on the matter.

Khan simply said he couldn’t comment on the vile allegations leveled against WWE right now. However, Tony turned his attention to underscoring the kind of amicability he’s trying to incorporate into the AEW locker room. The Jaguars owner also confirmed that there are people in place to whom the talents can come up with their issues.

I can't comment on the terrible allegations against WWE right now. For us, first and foremost, trying to create a safe locker room environment for everybody, women and men. I think we have a great locker room and everyone knows there's a support system there.
Tony Khan via Fansided

Throughout the interview, Khan didn’t go into the details. He decided to take a safer route and completely dodged saying anything against the epicenter of controversy, Vince McMahon. It’s been over a half-month since the allegations reached the public domain. The dominoes had to follow, and a handful of WWE names have voiced their displeasure against the former boss.

Seth Rollins recently broke the ice and said he hopes the culprits get the desired treatment. He admitted being in complete disbelief, as he had never seen such a side of Vince McMahon. Ex-WWE star Ronda Rousey also latched on to the 78-year-old, dragging an incumbent executive into the matter as well. McMahon, who was once the Executive Chairman of TKO’s Board of Directors, was forced to resign, allegedly by Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro.

Tony Khan was under the scanner owing to allegations against Chris Jericho

Not that long ago, Tony Khan’s nuances at the Worlds End post-show presser disgruntled a lot of fans. One of AEW’s biggest prospects, Chris Jericho, was accused of making lecherous advances at Kylie Rae, a former talent.

Chris Jericho and Tony Khan
Chris Jericho and Tony Khan (via Wrestling Inc/@WrestleOps/X)

Haus of Wrestling owner Nick Hausman was the first to accuse Jericho of such wrongdoing. As a result, Tony Khan was bombarded with a plethora of stinging queries from the media present at the press event after the pay-per-view.

Tony, who had inappropriate raiment for the occasion, refused to give heed to what he described as internet and unsourced rumors. The AEW CEO further blew the trumpet on the policy his company has in place to combat such misdeeds.

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