Top 3 reasons that confirm Vince McMahon’s involvement in WWE backstage

Vince McMahon had left the creative head for WWE and was playing a small part for the company. However, things are showing changes as of late. Here's why:

Top 3 reasons that confirm Vince McMahon’s involvement in WWE backstage

Vince McMahon (via-WWE)

Vince McMahon surprised the world with a massive shock when he announced his retirement last July.


In the midst of his retirement, his daughter Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named co-CEOs of the company while his son-in-law Paul Levesque(Triple H) was CCO(chief content officer) for the company.

Later, after a short break from the company, Vince announced in early January that he was returning to the Board of Directors to assist with the sale of the company. Stephanie McMahon resigned soon after, leaving Nick Khan as the only CEO. Despite the company’s claims that Vince is only involved in a business capacity for the sale of WWE, some talent has expressed concerns about his increasing influence. Reports suggested that during a backstage appearance at Monday Night Raw in early March, Vince was more involved than the company had acknowledged. Leading to low ratings.

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Here are the top 3 reasons which confirm Vince’s involvement backstage:

#3. Lackluster Ratings

Monday Night Raw(via WWE)

Vince McMahon has always had significant creative control over the company’s programming. He is known for being highly involved in the creative process, including storylines, character development, and match outcomes. McMahon’s creative decisions have shaped WWE’s product and have been a driving force behind the company’s success. Despite fans being feared of his mind being back, we can say that he is taking the final decisions backstage and not Triple H. We can see this by seeing the April 3rd edition of Monday Night Raw due to the lackluster disaster that it was rating-wise which clearly shows Vince’s presence. No huge returns and overall fans getting bored, no surprises, and slow-paced matches all over again which shows he is playing his role backstage.

#2 Talent’s being Frustrated

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Cody Rhodes (via WWE)

Reports say many talents backstage were frustrated and angry due to the creative changes happening surprisingly quickly. The cancellation of matches and segments showed who was back in charge. Few superstars were reportedly ready to leave the building on the recent episode of Monday Night Raw. It is believed that after the Endeavour deal, Vince is going to take over WWE’s creative control and its respective parts as it was originally. If that happens, we can sadly predict what will be the outcome of the show.

#1 Favouritism over fan-service

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (via WWE)

As we know, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns was, is, and will always be “Vince’s boy”. Reports say that Vince had set up an entire office at Sofi Stadium just for himself and had a hand in the Main Event Of Wrestlemania Night 2. This was made sure to the fans when Cody Rhodes suffered “The American Nightmare” at the hands of “The Tribal Chief” when Cody lost to Reigns at the showcase of the immortals. A lot of people wanted Cody to win because of his compelling story of starting from the bottom and rising to a Main Event Star. However, it all became a “Dream”. This shows Vince is back and is having the majority of control over the product.


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In conclusion, fans and critics can be assured that Mcmahon is now involved in the operations of WWE. As he continues to lead the company, his impact will be felt both in front of the camera and backstage. WWE fans can look forward to seeing how McMahon’s vision and leadership continue to shape the future of the company. There’s no denying the significant role Vince is now back again playing in WWE’s backstage operations.

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