“We are going nowhere,” Triple H offers fans assurance at RAW following WWE sale

WWE's Chief Content Officer "Triple H" clears the premonition of the fans around the ongoing turmoil this week on Monday Night Raw.

“We are going nowhere,” Triple H offers fans assurance at RAW following WWE sale

Triple H at Monday Night Raw (via WWE)

Ever since the news about WWE’s sale broke, there has been a lot of pandemonium among the fans. According to reports, UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, acquired the Stamford-based company in a whopping billion-dollar deal. Following the news, there has been a premonition among the fans about the company’s future. However, the WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, addressed the situation and cleared the apprehension from the air.


This week on Raw after Mania, Triple H began the show with a warm reception from the crowd. He addressed WrestleMania 39 and said that it had surpassed records and created history. From the crew to the cameraman, Triple H thanked each and every person for making the event a grand success. However, Hunter also implicitly spoke about the ongoing sensational news that has been headlining the news channels and social media.

Triple H during press conference

Despite all the things happening, Triple H gave a bold statement on Raw and assured the fans that WWE is going nowhere. He said the same WWE that fans love and have been showering stupendous support on ain’t going anywhere. Moreover, Hunter promised the fans and asserted that everything would be as it is. “The same WWE you love—the action, the drama, all of it. We are going nowhere,” he said.

The Cerebral Assassin put an exclamation mark on the premonition of the fans. He said that WWE will always be here, weeks after weeks, events after events, sold-out arena after arena, packed stadium after packed stadium. Personifying WWE as impeccable, Triple H said it will always stand at the pinnacle. Besides, he made fans around the world believe that, despite WWE’s sale, things will be the same here in the company.


However, the words from Triple H rang like a melodious symphony to the ears of the fans. It has soothed and helped the fans end their foreboding. The CCO ended his speech on a positive note, quoting WWE’s insignia. “Then. Now. Forever. Together.”

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Triple H spoke about WrestleMania 39

Triple H

During the post-show press conference after WrestleMania, Triple H spoke about the grand success of the spectacular event in Los Angeles. He said that WrestleMania has become much more than an event. Moreover, he referred to it as a “cultural moment” that happens every year. Triple H added WrestleMania 39 is the most successful WrestleMania of all time.

From viewership to merchandise sales, it has smashed records and defined once again why it’s the Grandest Stage of Them All. As a result, Hunter praised all the superstars, such as Roman Reigns, Edge, Cody Rhodes, and others, for making this possible. He had heaps of praise for each and every individual associated with it.


The WWE CCO mentioned that WrestleMania 39 recorded a gate of over 21.6 million. Therefore, Triple H thanked all the fans, the media channels, and the sponsors for helping it achieve this incredible feat. In addition to that, he also praised the WWE Universe this week on Monday Night Raw.

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