“Even with all the negativity,” IMPACT Wrestling star took a subtle shot at WWE, citing her controversial exit from the company

Former WWE superstar Naomi implicitly mentioned her WWE exit and took shots at the promotion.

“Even with all the negativity,” IMPACT Wrestling star took a subtle shot at WWE, citing her controversial exit from the company

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Current IMPACT Wrestling star Trinity, better known as Naomi, made her controversial departure from WWE last year. She joined her new promotion this year and will be facing Mickie James for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Championship. Before the match, Trinity talked about her path towards coming back to wrestling after all the turmoil.

She took subtle shots at WWE, implicitly referencing her controversial exit. While speaking with Busted Open Radio, the former WWE superstar said that she is quite happy that she came out of all the negativity. Moreover, the 35-year-old stated that back then she had not been valued or considered a big star, which was seemingly a dig at WWE.


“Even with all the negativity that happened with my situation, I really feel that it led me to where I am now, to IMPACT, and to be given this opportunity to prove myself for myself. I hope that, in the future, it inspires others that when one door closes, just know, as long as you keep going, that you can find your way through another door,” said Trinity in the interview.

Furthermore, the 35-year-old reflected on her path towards healing after her sudden exit from the company. She revealed that she lost confidence in herself at that time. “There are a lot of highs and lows, and somewhere along my career, I stopped feeling—I didn’t feel like I was of value to the women’s division; I wasn’t a star,” said Trinity.

The IMPACT wrestler stated that she believes that no matter what she does, people will be against her, and they will not be on her team. The former WWE superstar is all set to face Mickie James at Impact Bound for Glory. It is going to be interesting to see the outcome of the match as Trinity looks to have a new start to her career.


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Trinity opens up about the story behind her name “Naomi” in WWE

Naomi, a.k.a. Trinity Fatu, was a top superstar in WWE. She is currently working in IMPACT wrestling under her real name, Trinity. Recently, she revealed the story behind her name, Naomi, in WWE. The 35-year-old revealed that she was inspired by a supermodel named Naomi Campbell. Therefore, she chose the same name for the company.

Naomi (via WWE)

Speaking to Schön! Magazine, Trinity stated that WWE never allowed her to use her real name. She said, “I couldn’t use my real name in the WWE, so Naomi was the name I selected because of the iconic supermodel. I had this character idea at the time of being this knockoff Naomi Campbell wannabe, which never happened.”


Trinity revealed that WWE disappointed her, claiming that the company never harnessed her true potential. She left the company alongside Sasha Banks, a.k.a. Mercedes Mone last year. As of now, she has been an integral part of the IMPACT Wrestling Women’s Division.

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