WATCH: When Triple H went on an unhinged rant in a deleted scene over a competitor idolizing ‘WCW icon’ Goldberg

An old video pertaining to Triple H's reserved grudges against Goldberg is now making the rounds on the internet.

WATCH: When Triple H went on an unhinged rant in a deleted scene over a competitor idolizing ‘WCW icon’ Goldberg

Triple H on a tirade against Goldberg during Tough Enough season 1 [via- WRKD Wrestling on X and WWE]

Well, somehow, social media has yet again dug deep to find out a deleted clip from WWE Tough Enough’s inaugural season, which had Triple H lashing out his frustrations with Goldberg. For those who aren’t aware, both Goldberg and Triple H have publicly acknowledged their real-life beef in the past. Back in 2003, while appearing on Byte This, the WCW icon admitted he didn’t like The Game. Aware of the animosity at that juncture, Triple H followed suit.

In a resurfaced clip from Tough Enough’s debut, Triple H could be seen hammering one of the aspiring wrestlers who brought Goldberg‘s poster with themselves. For real, it appears like The King of Kings seemingly lost his composure and started tearing up on Goldberg. Accusing the latter for his corrupt work ethics, Hunter vehemently expressed his displeasure towards the 183-0 streak holder during an unhinged rant.


The Game mocked Goldberg for his infamous part-time schedule, which often saw The Icon taking months off before returning for his matches. Also, during the closing moments of his tirade on Goldberg, the 14-time World Champion exposed the WWE legend’s backstage monopoly, where he used to turn down storyline ideas whenever he didn’t find them personally tantalizing.

Clearly, things weren’t good between the two legends back in the day. Both names have been the top guys in their respective parent promotions. So, healthy jealousy was an obvious trait separating the two individuals. Although Goldberg and Triple H have faced each other on multiple occasions during 2002–03, one of their most memorable encounters came when Hunter captured the World Title from Goldberg and Kane at Armageddon in 2003.

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Have Goldberg and Triple H squashed their beef?

Back in March of this year, WWE let Goldberg’s contract expire without renewing it further. Many fans had hoped for an extension, but it obviously didn’t happen. Some thought that the decision might’ve had something to do with Triple H’s previous beef with Goldberg. However, it can’t be adjudged as a concrete reason, as both men have already buried the hatchet in the past. Goldberg believes that WWE does own him a retirement match.

Goldberg and Triple H
Goldberg and Triple H are living legends of their respective eras [via- WWE and Crispy Wrestling on X]

During Goldberg’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2018, the 57-year-old recalled the Good Ol’ days. The WCW icon recalled an incident where he yelled at Triple H in a convention center. The camera immediately followed The Game, and all he could do was laugh. Seemingly, the WWE CCO had no bad blood left for Goldberg in him by then. One would imagine that the former football player might never return to WWE until Triple H spearheads the creative decisions.

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