Former WWE Superstar Reveals Why Triple H Never Booked The Two Strongest Factions on NXT

Former WWE Superstar Reveals Why Triple H Never Booked The Two Strongest Factions on NXT

Triple H( Image Credits- WWE/WhatCulture Wrestling)

Triple H revolutionized WWE with NXT, especially during the Black and Gold. He gave fans a lot of dream matches that wouldn’t have been a reality on the main roster. But there was one match that had a lot of potential but never came to fruition: The Undisputed Era vs The Forgotten Sons.

While The Undisputed Era had established their authority as a faction on the NXT Roster, the faction held all the male titles simultaneously. Gradually, another faction started taking a fair share from their popularity, which was The Forgotten Sons. This had made the fans wonder if the two could collide on some occasion for a feud, but sadly that didn’t happen.


On the latest edition of “The Undisputed Podcast” former WWE star Bobby Fish talked about the proposed feud and said that the said programme was talked about a lot of times but never happened. Remembering the about a rare occasion when the two sides collided at Portland, Fish said- “We did have the one ladder match in Portland, which was fun to put together…….I would say you guys were basically able to make other people look better than they were, and that’s kind of what we were too.”

Sadly, neither of the factions exists right now as most of the stars associated with the company have now been released. Out of the 7 stars, only Roderick Strong is the only one currently associated with the company. The rest of the stars have been released and now are now working in other promotions such as AEW, Impact and ROH.

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Former WWE Superstar reveals the reason Triple H Rejected The Idea For a Feud Between The Undisputed Era and The Forgotten Sons

The Undisputed Era
The only rare occasion where members of the two factions came face to face against each other. This was a ladder match between The Street Profits, The Forgotten Sons, Lorcan & Burch ,Undisputed Era. (Image Credits- WWE)

Former WWE star and The Forgotten Sons Member Steven Maclin (aka Steve Cutler) revealed the reason Why Triple H didn’t want the two factions two square off against each other. While speaking on the abovementioned podcast, Maclin said that he approached The Game to pitch the idea of the said feud. The Game returned him with the reply that The Undisputed Era was a heel at that time, same as The Forgotten Sons.

Explaining the incident further, Maclin said, “I’m like, ‘Undisputed Era, I know you’re trying to make them heels, but the crowd loves them. Make them the babyface in this role,’ but they didn’t wanna turn you guys at the time, which we get. It’s his plan. So, it’s just, ‘Alright, we’ll just keep pitching ideas.'”

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Well, Triple H surely loves factions and there’s no doubt about it, since his takeover we have seen many factions forming up on the main roster such as- The Judgement Day, Hit Row, Legado Del Fantasma, The Brawling Brutes, Damage CTRL to name a few. While, factions make the storytelling interesting but it is more important to book them right in order not to kill it, maybe that’s what The Game was thinking then as well.

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