“I’m not your childhood fantasy,” Trish Stratus takes shots at whole women’s division in a fierce promo on Raw

Trish Stratus got everything off her chest, calling herself the greatest of all time while explaining last week's actions on Raw.

“I’m not your childhood fantasy,” Trish Stratus takes shots at whole women’s division in a fierce promo on Raw

Trish Stratus explaining why she turned heel on Raw(via-WWE)

Last week on Raw, Trish Stratus shocked the wrestling world by turning on Becky Lynch after their women’s tag team title loss. Stratus was forced to be Lynch’s partner instead of the other half of the women’s tag champions, Lita, after she was mysteriously attacked backstage. And she had to be taken to the local medical facility. After they lost the titles, Trish snapped and attacked Becky, and fans were eager to know why she did what she did.


On the latest episode of Raw, Trish Stratus was set to come down to the ring to explain her actions. She made her entrance to a huge round of boos, garnering some heel heat from the crowd in Little Rock. The Hall of Famer presented a history lesson, calling the fans in attendance “kids”. She revealed that WWE’s women’s division was a joke when she made her debut back in 2000.

The former seven-time women’s champion claimed that she single-handedly changed the complexion of women’s wrestling. Also, eliminating Lita from the debate. Trish also gave herself credit for the women’s main event at WrestleMania in 2019. She also called out fans for chanting “This is awesome” instead of “Thank you, Trish” during the Mania 35 main event.

She called out Becky Lynch as well for not thanking her for opening the doors. Stratus concluded, “I am not a nostalgia act, I am not anyone’s childhood fantasy. And I sure as hell am nobody’s sidekick. I am the greatest of all time. And I am the single most important figure in the history of WWE. And I am here to make sure none of you forget it,” before dropping the mic.


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Trish Stratus reveals she attacked Lita backstage

Trish Straus vs Lita Raw Lita
Trish Stratus with Lita backstage(via-WWE)

During her heel promo explaining why she turned her back on Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus also made a shocking revelation in the process. Trish casually told everyone that she took Lita out of the equation before the women’s tag team championship match. She also provided an explanation as to why she did that.

Stratus stated that she was sick and tired of seeing Lita as Becky’s sidekick. The former seven-time women’s champion disclosed that she took Lita out of the fray to make it crystal clear that she was the person who screwed Lynch out of her title. Following a ferocious promo by Stratus, it remains to be seen how Becky and Lita respond in the coming weeks.

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