“Oh, man. I LOVE this girl” Former WWE Hall of Famer spills the beans about Undertaker’s love for Strip Clubs

Roberts said that Taker would often hang out with him just because he knew good amount of Strip Clubs in every city.

The Undertaker Strip Clubs
Jake The Snake Roberts shared that Undertaker loved Strip Clubs. (Image Credits -Imago)

The Undertaker is perhaps the most iconic character in WWE history. Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker is one of the few superstars that have changed the aura of professional wrestling.

The conviction with which Calaway has dedicated his life to The Undertaker is impeccable. Though Taker maintained his character wherever he would go be it in public interviews or television shows, but there’s a life that he had outside his iconic hat and coat attire that only a few people know about.

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WWE Hall of Famer reveals Undertaker’s love for Strip Clubs and a Hilarious incident

Undertaker Jake The Snake Roberts
The Undertaker and Jake The Snake Roberts shared a great relationship at both in and outside the ring.

Taker shared a close relationship with many of his fellow stars and one of them was WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts. Taker travelled a lot with Roberts hitting the roads as they had to travel from place to place for their shows.

But, here’s an interesting reason why The Phenom travelled with Roberts. The reason is Strip Clubs!! Yes, many of you would be shocked to know that but The Undertaker loved to go to Strip Clubs.

Jake The Snake Roberts discussed a hilarious incident involving Taker and him and their visit to a strip club in Indianapolis. While speaking at the DDP Snake Pit, Roberts remembered that they were rushing fast as they had to make it to the strip club at Indianapolis as they had to make it to the last call.

The last call is generally the time before the closing time of a bar or pub when the customers can request for their order, after the last call no orders are accepted.

Roberts said that Undertaker was quite pumped up to go to the club while Roberts wanted to meet that one girl who was “quite a performer”, and he loved her as well. Taker would then get excited to know more about the girl but Roberts would cut him short by saying that the girl doesn’t like guys much.

Taker was surprised to hear this because he also knew a girl in the same club who didn’t like guys either. But, both continued their journey and finally reached their destination.

Roberts revealed that he drove like hell at around 100 miles per hour because he and Taker were that desperate to make it to the club before the last call. Upon reaching the destination both were shocked to know that they were behind the same girl this whole time.

Roberts recalled the incident and said – “We’re looking around and I go, ‘Oh, man. There’s my girl.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, really? Okay. Oh, wait, wait, wait. There’s my girl.’ I say, ‘Great, man. Get it?, And all of a sudden we’re both standing in front of the same girl.”

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