“Leave the room with tears,” Vince McMahon accused by former WWE manager of grooming female talent backstage

Dutch Mantell made another claim against Vince McMahon.

“Leave the room with tears,” Vince McMahon accused by former WWE manager of grooming female talent backstage

Vince McMahon (via Wrestling Inc.)

Vince McMahon is a name that is currently surrounded by controversy and allegations. A former WWE employee, Janel Grant, filed a lawsuit against McMahon. As such, many superstars and officials gave their opinions on this incident, and now former manager Dutch Mantell has voiced his opinion on McMahon’s behavior.

Dutch recently gave an interview on Smack Talk and shed some light on how Vince behaved with the female talent backstage. He revealed that the 78-year-old would ‘groom’ female talent, and many of them left his room with tears in their eyes. However, he dropped one shocking bombshell, claiming that everybody knew about what was happening backstage, but nobody did anything. 

Vince recently sold another $411 million worth of shares of his TKO stock. As per Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, the former chairman still possesses 9% of TKO stock, or 15 million shares. Due to the accusations, McMahon was forced to step down from all his roles as the threat of the company’s sponsors pulling out loomed large. 

He’d pull them in a room and close the door. Of course, he did that with everybody, the guys too (…) He would get them [women] in there and I guess the term is groom them, I guess. He would get them ready for what might be possibly coming their way, and they would leave the room with tears in their eyes. Some of them, not all of them. He would upset them that badly.
Dutch Mantell on Vince McMahon via Smack Talk

Along with the former chairman, Brock Lesnar was allegedly also involved in it, as per the accusations. Vince reacted to the allegations made against him by denying them and saying he would vigorously defend himself. The 78-year-old is slowly finding himself getting deep into the controversies; who knows if there are more horrible stories to come out yet? 

Dutch Mantell stated that Randy Orton’s stance on Vince McMahon was much better than John Cena’s

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell aggressively voiced his opinion on the whole Vince McMahon incident. He stated that Randy Orton’s stance on this incident was way better than what Cena said about the allegations.

Dutch Mantell and Randy Orton
Dutch Mantell and Randy Orton (via Wrestling News and WWE)

Mantell said during the ‘Story Time with Dutch Mantell’ podcast that The Viper’s answer was more sensible. However, Cena’s answer felt like he was on Vince’s side, and therefore, he also got a lot of bashing from fans. Mantell strongly believes that the allegations made by Janel Grant are all true.

Well that's a much better answer I think, than what Cena put out. Cena sounded to me like he was kind on Vince's side, but Randy Orton said I hope that's not true.
Dutch Mantell on Story Time with Dutch Mantell

Orton stated that it would hurt his heart if all the allegations were true because Vince is one of the reasons why he is where he is now. Orton was close to winning the Elimination Chamber match, but Logan Paul had other plans. It will be interesting to see whether the two stars collide at WrestleMania.

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