Vince McMahon resigns as TKO Executive Chairman and WWE following heinous se*ual trafficking lawsuit charges

The odious allegations over Vince McMahon have done the trick.

Vince McMahon resigns as TKO Executive Chairman and WWE following heinous se*ual trafficking lawsuit charges

Vince McMahon [via- WrestleNomics on X]

Yesterday, former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was accused of sexual trafficking by ex-employee Janel Grant. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, a TKO spokesperson issued an official statement assuring everyone that they were conducting an internal probe. And, as of a few hours ago, Vince McMahon has resigned from his role as Executive Chairman of TKO’s Board of Directors.


The entire WWE staff was notified via an internal memo dispatched by incumbent CEO Nick Khan. Does it mean that McMahon has accepted guilt? He has not. In his defense via Deadline, the 78-year-old has denied the abhorrent charges leveled against him by Ms. Grant. However, the reason he gave for his abrupt abdication as TKO Executive Chairman was out of respect for his WWE family and diligent partners at TKO Group Holdings.

As per PWInsider, the ill-famed business tycoon is still a majority stakeholder in TKO. However, he doesn’t have the leverage of voting power this time around. Post-TKO acquisition, that number nosedived from around 80% to even less than 15% at the moment. He can’t force himself back to the Board of Directors like he did last year in WWE.

The report also stated that Endeavor may sweep McMahon’s kith and kin out of the company. The parent company of WWE intends to have a fresh sweep of it moving forward. Several hierarchical names quit WWE when Vince initially announced his retirement in 2022.


However, they returned when McMahon stormed his way back into authority. Supposedly, they’re walking on eggshells at the moment. PWInsider spoke with some within the company and relayed that their long-standing ties with McMahon could be a negative for their stay in the company.

Vince McMahon’s ouster could be a silver lining for Stephanie McMahon

With Vince McMahon’s defenestration, the floodgates seemed to have opened agape. According to PWInsider, some in WWE are hoping for Stephanie McMahon‘s return to the fold now that her dad is no longer a factor.

Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon
Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon [via- WWE]

She exited WWE following an autocratic takeover of supreme powers by Vince McMahon back in January of last year. However, as per the report, hope for having Steph back has rekindled. A major thing to keep in mind is that WWE has undergone an overhaul since the TKO merger.

It’s not the same as it was before the Ari Emanuel-led firm showed up. Whatever it might be, Vince McMahon’s resignation would bring a ton of relief to the backstage ambiance of the company.


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