Warner Bros. Discovery likely to acquire television rights for WWE SmackDown following the end of its deal with FOX

SmackDown's media rights can be acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery, as reports suggest FOX does not look forward to negotiating their broadcast deal.

Warner Bros. Discovery likely to acquire television rights for WWE SmackDown following the end of its deal with FOX

WWE and Warner Bros. Discovery (via WWE)

WWE shifted their broadcast of SmackDown to FOX Network back in 2019. The five-year deal was worth a billion dollars and is scheduled to end next year in the fall of 2024. There are chances of FOX retaining their broadcasting rights to Friday Night SmackDown, considering the show’s success. But Warner Bros. Discovery looks as interested as FOX in acquiring rights for the blue brand with a revolutionary motive.


Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that, “There is talk of Warner Bros. Discovery being interested in WWE.” The company hopes to have the entire wrestling market on their network, as they already have all of AEW’s programming on their channels. Considering this, Meltzer opined his thoughts and stated that despite Discovery’s attempt, the deal will not be closed as WWE would not like airing their product alongside their rival’s shows in the coming years. 

Warner Bros. Discovery currently holds the media rights to AEW’s shows, namely Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision. TBS airs Dynamite, while its sister channel TNT airs the other two shows throughout the week for AEW. The home for AEW has been these two channels since their existence, so they will look to continue this deal with Discovery for multiple years now. But WWE will have to look for other broadcast options or get back with FOX somehow.

FOX’s deal with WWE has not been negotiated due to the Stamford-based company’s new parent company, Endeavor. This was hinted at when FOX’s press release indicated their upcoming projects but made no mention of WWE’s status with them. The $1.025 billion deal comes to an end next year, completing their five-year agreement. The first episode of SmackDown on FOX aired on October 4, 2019, and moved the slot from Tuesday to Friday Nights.


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SmackDown keeps on getting new heel stables on their roster

Street Profits and Bobby Lashley
Street Profits and Bobby Lashley (via WWE)

Bobby Lashley has brought back his heel persona by reforming The Hurt Business on SmackDown. The Street Profits and Lashley marked their appearance on the go-home episode of SmackDown before SummerSlam. As the heel faction laid an attack on O.C. and The Brawling Brutes to send a message to the WWE Universe.

As the match between O.C. and the Brawling Brutes was underway, Butch and Karl Anderson were seen battling in the ring. But from ringside came Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins to beat them up and display their dominance over the other teams. This ambush by The Street Profits ended the match in a no-contest.

The team came wearing suits similar to Lashley’s previous stablemates. After the attack, Ford and Dawkins stood tall over the others to receive the heelish cheers from the fans. As they walked onto the ramp, the All Mighty showed up and stood tall with the duo. This move has seemingly confirmed a reboot for Hurt Business.


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