WATCH: Behind the scenes of Dave Bautista’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction before his Royal Rumble appearance in 2014

WWE gives fans a trip into one of the interesting experiences of Dave Bautista at Royal Rumble 2014.

WATCH: Behind the scenes of Dave Bautista’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction before his Royal Rumble appearance in 2014

Dave Bautista at Royal Rumble 2014 (via @wwe/Instagram)

WWE’s Instagram account often delves into the past to show some unique historical events to the fans. One of their latest post shows the panic-stricken Dave Bautista who suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the 2014 Royal Rumble. The case pertains to the new style of boots that he decided to sport, which he eventually ended up damaging.


As can be seen in the video, Batista exchanges some words with the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, and heads out. It was during this moment that he thought of using the zipper on his boots that were made to feel lighter. However, to his misery, the zipper broke and so did his tranquility.

I have a new style of boots, lighter-style boots. I'm sitting and watching the monitor as they're sewing up my boots and are already on No. 22. You know it was chaotic but it seemed like old times because you know everytime we're getting ready for a show, everything goes wrong man!
Dave Bautista on his Royal Rumble 2014 Wardrobe malfunction

In the video, fans can see him running amuck in anxiety. Finally, he reaches the team looking after attire and styling, and he gets a lady to sew his shoe. There were visible drops of perspiration on his face as he kept on looking at the monitors. Eventually, the Animal would get his shoe ready on time and would grace the ring at number 28. Batista remembers how such experiences were poignant in the old days of WWE.

Despite being a legend and a surprise entrant, Batista was on the receiving end of loud boos. His last obstacle was Roman Reigns, who’d get speared and thrown out. While Reigns was scheduled to defend his title in a Fatal-4-way match, Batista had an unsuccessful run as Daniel Bryan defeated him and the Viper at WrestleMania 30.


John Cena throws light on his botched Royal Rumble 2005 elimination with Dave Bautista

John Cena recently made his appearance on Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive Podcast. He spoke at length about several topics which also included the infamous Royal Rumble match in 2005. Cena took the blame for how he wasn’t able to rotate properly during the spot and caused the botch.

John Cena and Batista
John Cena and Batista at Royal Rumble 2005 (via WWE)
I know I f*cked up and we know that that’s not the way it’s supposed to go. Then as we trust the process, out comes Vince McMahon and we’re like, ‘oh great this is going to be fixed’
John Cena on the Royal Rumble 2005 botch

Additionally, Cena would talk about how the process of milking the emotions from the crowd could last only for a certain duration. He also acknowledged the role that referees played as guides for the wrestlers.

Lastly, Cena stated how Vince acted as their guide in times of distress. Not only would he use his role as an authority figure but, would give Batista his much-needed win. Cena ended his recall on a light note as he commended the tenacity of Vince to speak in understandable dialect despite tearing both of his quads.

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