WATCH: “Now that’s what I call wrasslin”- Bully gets knocked out cold after receiving WWE-style finisher on the ground for provoking a student 

A young student slams his bully to the ground with a vicious WWE-esque signature move in a high school setting.

WATCH: “Now that’s what I call wrasslin”- Bully gets knocked out cold after receiving WWE-style finisher on the ground for provoking a student 

WWE-style suplex in school (via X)

The old aphorism goes, “Everything changes with time.” Over the centuries, the world has seen unprecedented development in terms of science and technology. Bullying, on the other hand, is a practice that no technological advancement could eliminate. Even in this day and age, we see hundreds of bullying cases every day. In one such incident, a student knocked out an uncouth bully in a WWE-style brawl.

Recently, the widely followed page “Street Fight Hard” uploaded yet another video of a brawl between two high school youngsters. In the video, a brazen-faced bully tried to browbeat another student in the school locker room. The bully was wearing a white tank top, whereas the other student was clad in a pale white T-shirt with specs on. The latter instantly countered the bully with a WWE-style body slam.


When the bully made an audacious attempt to bother the other guy, the latter countered him using wrestling maneuvers. First, he pinned the bully against the locker room shelves. Then he dropped him on the floor with a vicious WWE-esque, classic belly-to-belly slam. The guy in the white tank top was instantly knocked out.

Furthermore, belly-to-belly suplexes are one of the most popular wrestling moves. There are two common ways to apply this move. It is either executed sideways or overhead. The suplex is arguably the most hard-hitting style of move in wrestling. WWE superstars such as Bayley, Kurt Angle, Chad Gable, and others are well known for their rib-cracking suplexes.

Netizens left awestruck upon seeing the victim fight back against his bully in WWE-style

The aforementioned article encapsulates a high school altercation in which a bully was knocked out cold by the student he was badgering. The WWE-style school brawl elicited an array of amusing reactions from netizens. One of the top-most responses to the post was a comment that described the ferocious brawl as true-blue wrestling.

Bayley and Emma
Bayley delivering Bayley-to-belly suplex (via WWE and X)

Meanwhile, another user pointed out that the victim had a lot of pent-up anger, seeing the pace at which he attacked the bully. One comment read that the student hit a classic belly-to-belly suplex on the white tank-top guy.

Furthermore, a user hilariously remarked, “Do not let the glasses fool you,” referring to the white-shirted student. In addition to that, a person amusingly noted that the other guy must be watching too much wrestling. The comment section nevertheless enjoyed the visual of the bully getting a harsh reality check.

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