WATCH: Mugging prank goes wrong as prankster gets knocked out cold with Roman Reigns’ inspired Superman punch on the street

A prankster learns a harsh lesson after getting laid out by a vicious Roman Reigns-style Superman Punch in an unsuccessful roadside mugging prank.

WATCH: Mugging prank goes wrong as prankster gets knocked out cold with Roman Reigns’ inspired Superman punch on the street

Roman Reigns style Superman Punch (via X)

Pranks can be fun as long as an individual knows where to draw the line. A prank is not always guaranteed to amuse you; it might backfire. An ill-considered leg-pulling could potentially result in devastating consequences, at times causing fatal injuries to people. In one such instance, a prankster was knocked out cold with a Roman Reigns-esque WWE move, Superman Punch.

Recently, a video of a vicious one-sided street brawl was uploaded on the popular X account called the Street Fight Hard. A person sporting a black T-shirt attempted a mugging prank on a passer-by in the shared video. However, the outrageous prank turned out to be futile. The pedestrian pounced on the black-shirted man right away. Showing no mercy on the prankster, the latter retaliated with a fierce Superman punch.


Superman Punch is the signature move of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. The Undisputed WWE Champion has been using this as his trademark move since joining the main roster in 2012. He has unloaded a slew of Superman punches on top WWE superstars. From John Cena to Vince McMahon, several prominent names have succumbed to this hard-hitting maneuver.

Moreover, Reigns has used this maneuver for almost a decade as a member of The Shield, as well as during his historic heel run. This nevertheless was certainly not the first time the general public has emulated a WWE wrestling move. A Roman Reigns-inspired spear was seemingly used in a high school locker room altercation in one such similar incident.

Netizens were left baffled upon seeing Roman Reigns-inspired Superman Punch in a street fight

The prankster paid the price for his failed prank as he fell victim to the Roman Reigns-inspired Superman Punch. The viral video of the one-sided street clash fetched a flock of uproarious reactions.


One of the users hilariously noted that it was a good thing that the wheelchair was at the prankster’s disposal. Another person, startled by the video, condemned the black-shirt guy for attempting a prank on strangers.

Roman Reigns delivering a Superman Punch on Seth Rollins (via WWE and X)

Furthermore, a user wanted the cameraman to face the same fate as the prankster. Another person remarked that it must be his last prank, indicating that the black-shirt guy must have learned a harsh lesson.

Moreover, a user asked who was at fault in the situation between the cameraman, prankster, and his target. All in all, the majority of the netizens were in support of the guy in a blue jacket who knocked out the prankster.


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