Former World Champion lays down one condition for CM Punk to maximize his current run with WWE

Kurt Angle firmly believes that CM Punk could excel in his current WWE run.

Former World Champion lays down one condition for CM Punk to maximize his current run with WWE

Triple H and CM punk in WWE [via- WWE]

A week ago, CM Punk capsized the entire landscape of professional wrestling when he made his shocking return to WWE at Survivor Series. Though enough time has passed, fans are still finding it hard to process Punk’s return. Almost everyone is hoping that things don’t go south this time around with Punk. Having said that, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently professed his two cents on Punk’s bamboozling comeback.


Speaking on the Kurt Angle Show podcast, the 54-year-old was genuinely surprised to see him back. Angle hopes that The Best in the World keeps his nose clean and doesn’t ruffle any feathers. Moreover, he believes that if Punk manages to work with immaculate solidarity in WWE, he’ll have a great time. Referring to Punk’s turbulent sojourn in AEW, the Olympic Gold Medalist yearned that he wouldn’t emulate the same deeds once again.

Kurt Angle also stated that considering CM Punk stays down to earth, he would be a great asset for WWE. And to some extent, Punk has already shown a glimpse of what he can do. His return on X is already WWE’s most social moment in history.

It’s great news. I’m really surprised he’s back. I will say this, if he keeps his nose clean and doesn’t ruffle any feathers, he’s gonna have a great time there. He’s gonna really be huge for the company.
Kurt Angle on CM Punk

Moreover, he has upstaged previous trendsetters to become the highest merchandise-selling superstar in the company as of now. If these parameters are an indication of what’s to come in the future, CM Punk would knock it out of the park.


WWE is planning a ‘money feud’ between Roman Reigns and CM Punk

WWE has already started tailoring the creative plans for The Best in the World. The rumors are rampant that people within the company are pushing towards Punk’s potential showdown with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Roman Reigns and CM Punk being discussed
Roman Reigns and CM Punk [via- WWE]

Moreover, it appears like feuding with Roman Reigns would be the zenith of Punk’s current run. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is to take a lot of time before getting there. However, it’s something under discussion, and WWE feels it would feel gigantic the time they reach there.

The top brass’ main focus is on making Punk vs. Reigns seem a humungous success. However, an anonymous WWE star has expressed concerns over the mentioned long-term approach, considering Punk’s vulnerability to picking up injuries.

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