John Cena venerates 43-year-old Superstar after getting blown away by the latter’s booming stature in WWE even after decades of success

The Franchise Player believes that Randy Orton is a huge get for SmackDown.

John Cena venerates 43-year-old Superstar after getting blown away by the latter’s booming stature in WWE even after decades of success

John Cena [via- WWE]

Hollywood may have snatched a full-time wrestler from John Cena. However, it could never tone down his true feelings for the place he calls home. Not only that, the 16-time World Champion keeps an eye on what’s going on WWE television. Having said that, Cena has reacted to Randy Orton‘s tectonic outing on this week’s SmackDown.


The Cenation Leader took to X and showered a ton of praise on The Legend Killer. Cena specifically lauded Orton for aging like a fine wine and excelling in WWE. Moreover, John hailed Randy’s decision to sign with SmackDown as a massive pickup for the blue brand. The Peacemaker star ended his note while issuing a general advisory in regards to the RKO.

Last night on SmackDown was well and truly chaotic. The Viper entered the building in a rage to settle the score with The Bloodline. However, as the show progressed, Orton’s presence paved the way for General Managers Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce to size up a bidding war for the 14-time World Champion.

Both representatives of their brands put their best foot forward in an attempt to woo The Apex Predator. Randy kept things ambiguous until the last few minutes of the show. After a topsy-turvy encounter with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, The Viper knew he’d have to be in Nick Aldis’ brand to combat The Bloodline.


And that’s how things came through. After putting pen to paper, Randy Orton grounded Nick Aldis with an RKO but seemed hesitant about the choice he made to drop the top brass on SmackDown. After the show, the SmackDown GM broke his silence.

John Cena also reacted to CM Punk’s WWE return at Survivor Series

Apart from showing his adulation for The Viper, John Cena did have a closer look at last weekend’s Survivor Series. In the closing shot, CM Punk made his appearance and sat with crossed legs, quite like he did in the ill-famed Pipebomb promo back in the day.

WWE John Cena and CM Punk
John Cena and CM Punk [via- WWE]

Cena posted the exact same picture on his Instagram, acknowledging Punk’s startling return to WWE. Recently, WWE uploaded the full match on YouTube CM Punk and John Cena had for the World Heavyweight title at Money in the Bank 2011. Both men have had a relishing history with each other.

Had Cena not left for Hollywood owing to the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike in the US, the WWE could’ve plotted a poetic confrontation between the two. Still, there are fans who continue to hope that they’ll probably get to see Punk and Cena in the same ring once again.


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