Major update on WWE’s plans for CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns clash

New reports reveal a timeline for when fans could see the dream match between CM Punk and Roman Reigns.

Major update on WWE’s plans for CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns clash

Roman Reigns and CM punk (via X)

CM Punk made his return to WWE at Survivor Series after nine long years. With his return, many fans have already started to list the dream opponents Punk could face at WrestleMania. According to recent reports, WWE is going to fulfill fans’ wishes as they are planning for Punk vs. Roman Reigns.


On last week’s episode of Raw, Punk mentioned talking to a ‘wise man’ about his return. Many fans speculated this could be Paul Heyman, as they both shared a rich history before he left. This started speculation that they both could join forces in the future, leading to a mega feud between Reigns and Punk.

According to earlier reports, Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk was an intended feud before WWE even thought about Roman vs. Punk. A new update by WON revealed that WWE is not in a hurry to pull the trigger on The Tribal Chief vs. Best in the World feud, as it can be one of the biggest matches of all time.

Sports illustrated reported after Punk vs. Rollins that the direction is Reigns vs. Punk. That is the obvious ultimate direction, so clear it’s not even being hidden, but for right now, the plan is to take a lot of time before getting there. The feeling right now is that will be gigantic at the time they choose to get there.

There are a lot of ways Punk vs. Roman could start their rivalry. One possibility is Paul Heyman joining Punk and Roman turning face. With Punk returning to WWE, the promotion will look to take advantage of the buzz he creates by putting him into the best feud possible. Only time will tell how WWE will handle this situation.


Dana White shares his opinion on CM Punk

CM Punk’s recent return to WWE after a long time has caught Dana White’s attention. Punk is a controversial figure due to his relationship with both of the wrestling companies. Nonetheless, White shared a different opinion about his relationship with Punk in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Dana White and CM Punk
Dana White and CM Punk (via UFC)
I've had nothing but a great relationship with him since the day we met, He's a super nice guy. He's one of the easiest people I've ever dealt with.
Dana White on CM Punk via SI

UFC CEO Dana White gave his blessing to Punk as he rejoined WWE again after nine years and believes he will lead WWE to greater success and captivate fans around the world, increasing ratings of the product.

Punk made his octagon debut in 2016, two years after his release from WWE. But unfortunately, his UFC career didn’t go as well as he wanted it to. He participated in two fights and lost both of them. Five years later, Punk made his return to wrestling in AEW and took the world by storm. But controversy followed him there too, as he was fired by AEW due to a physical altercation backstage with fellow AEW superstar Jack Perry.


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