CM Punk breaks WWE’s all-time social media record within 48 hours

CM Punk's return has carved an unprecedented social media record within 48 hours of his stunning comeback.

CM Punk breaks WWE’s all-time social media record within 48 hours

CM Punk at Survivor Series 2023 (via WWE)

Survivor Series 2023 was hailed as a massive success even before the premium live event took place. The show was a complete sellout, weeks in advance of the scheduled date, prompting WWE to open up additional seats. The sensational comeback of CM Punk has only boosted the event’s success rate to humongous levels. According to the most recent report, CM Punk has set a new benchmark for WWE’s social media record.

WWE, via its official social media handle, publicly declared that the mind-boggling return of CM Punk has set a new record for the company. The Straight Edge Superstar’s return at Survivor Series 2023 is the most social moment in the company’s history. He achieved this feat within 48 hours of his arrival. The 45-year-old’s comeback has received over 251k likes, 101k retweets, and a whopping 31 million views on X.


Apparently, it is the most liked and viewed post in the history of WWE. Moreover, his comeback has amassed over 80 million views across all social media platforms. In addition to this, the Second City Saint has become the No. 1 merchandise seller in WWE within 48 hours of returning. With such unprecedented records, CM Punk continues to prove that he is a massive draw in the business.

Furthermore, Triple H announced that Survivor Series 2023 is the highest-grossing Survivor Series in the 36-year history of the show. It is also the highest-grossing event at the Allstate Arena, barring WrestleMania 22. WWE products are red-hot currently, and the addition of CM Punk to the company is bound to drive more business for the company.

CM Punk sends a wholesome message to old friend, Kofi Kingston

After nearly a decade away, the Second City Saint returned to WWE at Survivor Series 2023. After his comeback, the superstar reunited with some of his old buddies. Kofi Kingston was among many who welcomed Punk back to the company. CM Punk sent an affectionate note to Kingston in a recent social media post, hinting at their heartwarming backstage interaction.

Kofi Kingston and CM Punk
Kofi Kingston and CM Punk (via Pinterest)

When CM Punk left the Stamford-based promotion in 2014, he severed ties with many of his WWE friends. Kofi Kingston and Corey Graves were among those who lost touch with the former. While the latter has yet to reconcile with the Straight Edge Superstar, Kingston has let go of the past and embraced his friend with open arms. Punk was quick to share the news of their happy reunion on Instagram.

The 45-year-old tagged the New Day member in a repost, confirming their close friendship. Furthermore, according to a recent report, Bayley and Kofi Kingston were among those who were thrilled to see Punk back in WWE. Early in their WWE careers, Kingston and Punk were World Tag Team Champions. Later, the two men were travel buddies for a prolonged period until the latter departed from WWE.

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