Why did CM Punk quit WWE in 2014 and rejoin in 2023?

CM Punk has had a rollercoster of a journey from leaving WWE in 2014 and rejoining in 2023.

Why did CM Punk quit WWE in 2014 and rejoin in 2023?

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CM Punk is one of the most controversial superstars in pro wrestling history. He made his debut in 2006 in ECW during a house show, and he progressed through the ranks and became the WWE Champion two years later. He would go on to win the title again in 2011 and become one of the longest-reigning WWE Champions of all time.

In 2014, Punk left the company by telling Vince McMahon and Triple H that he was going home. In a podcast, Punk revealed he was suspended for two months after walking out of the WWE. He further added that nobody even contacted him after his suspension was ended. Moreover, he was fired by WWE on his wedding day in 2014. Punk stated he would never return to WWE after the way he was fired.


The reason Punk was released from WWE was being paid less than other wrestlers and not being able to compete in a WrestleMania main event. He felt there was no future plan for him, and all the focus was centered on John Cena. When Punk left WWE, he said he had zero passion for wrestling and described himself as the happiest he’s ever been after leaving the company. He felt even after spending 10 long years with with the company, he never reached his peak.

Punk said:

I feel almost like the 10 years that I spent in WWE were wasted. Because I feel it is management, owner, booker, or whoever's job it is to get the most out of all the talent. I feel that I never reached my full potential. I reached the potential that I could have given the limitations they constantly put on me.

Vince McMahon also apologized to CM Punk while speaking with Stone Cold in his podcast for the way he was terminated; he stated the reason for his termination was the lack of communication between him and the company. Punk struck back again, saying Vince’s apology was not sincere, as he didn’t even call him directly to apologize. And that was Punk’s last few moments with WWE.


CM Punk rejoined WWE in 2023 and returned at Survivor Series

CM Punk finally made his long-awaited WWE return after nine long years after the Survivor Series ended. It was Punk’s first appearance since 2014. A lot of fans thought that Punk would never return to WWE after he was fired in 2014. But Triple H and Punk, both parties, came to an agreement, and he signed a multi-year deal with WWE.

CM Punk
CM Punk (via WWE)

Although wrestling fans are so happy that Punk has now returned to his home, many people are still wondering why he joined WWE. There could be various reasons behind his return. One of the reasons could be revenge from AEW after he was controversially fired from the company.

Another reason could be that Punk and Triple H have finally put an end to their fallout in 2014 and decided to work together once again. Hunter said in a press conference after the Survivor Series:

A lot of time has gone by—almost ten years, right? And if you are the same person you were ten years ago, ten years later, you've messed up. Everybody grows, everybody changes. I am a different person, and he's a different person. This is a different company, and we are all on the same ground.

Punk is now a bigger deal after returning to WWE. One of the many reasons for joining the company in 2023 could be his undying wish to main-event WrestleMania. Punk has had numerous amazing matches and accomplishments, but his main-evening mania was one of the crucial reasons for his release. Now that he has returned to WWE with even bigger status, he can main-event the biggest stage of them all in his one final run in pro wrestling.

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