37-year-old Superstar pens an emotional note after competing in his first singles match in over three years on SmackDown

Joaquin Wilde has broken his silence after having his first singles match in almost 1300 days.

37-year-old Superstar pens an emotional note after competing in his first singles match in over three years on SmackDown

SmackDown star gets emotional [via- What Culture Wrestling]

Competing in WWE at the highest level is what a wrestler eventually craves. For some, the feeling brings an overwhelming brim of emotions. This past Friday on SmackDown, Joaquin Wilde walked in the same shoes. He went up against his former Legado Del Fantasma comrade, Santos Escobar. He came up short in a match that saw Wilde trying to unleash his gamut of maneuvers.


However, the bout in itself meant way more than a result for Joaquin. It was his first singles WWE match since debuting on NXT back in June 2019. In a heartwarming post on X, the 37-year-old penned his true feelings. Apart from exuding a gush of gratitude, the LWO member doubled down on Santos Escobar. The Filipino American even thanked Dragon Lee for coming to his aid after the match was over.

By the looks of it, Joaquin Wilde is not done with Santos Escobar, and neither is Dragon Lee. Ever since the former LDF boss betrayed Rey Mysterio, the LWO members have endured an excruciating phase. Escobar, who once embraced Mysterio as his father figure, turned his back on the WWE HOF’er after alleging him of bringing new members to the squad, like Carlito.

Next week, Santos Escobar will go one-on-one with Dragon Lee in the first-round match to determine the No. 1 contender for Logan Paul‘s US title. It would be an ugly battle of attrition between the two. Meanwhile, Joaquin Wilde has also vowed to bulwark the legacy of Rey Mysterio. It would be interesting to see if WWE builds Wilde as a viable threat for Escobar in the ongoing tussle between the LWO and its former frontier, Santos Escobar.


What is WWE’s plan for the LWO on SmackDown?

Though the plans are always subject to change, Dave Meltzer of WON has provided a detailed insight into WWE’s current direction for the LWO. The popular NXT tag team of Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza could end up joining forces with Santos Escobar.

Santos Escobar about to attack Rey Mysterio
Santos Escobar is about to attack Rey Mysterio on SmackDown [via- Santos Escobar via X]

Moreover, Elektra Lopez, who previously worked with Escobar in LDF, is rumored to fill in that gender disparity to even things with Zelina Vega. Having said that, Vega, along with her male counterparts, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro, and Carlito, could make a dogged combination.

If things go as planned, it would be a 4-on-4 situation with both sides vying for supremacy over the blue brand. Of course, the babyfaces would fight to avenge the hardships inflicted on Rey Mysterio over the past month or so.

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