WATCH: Santos Escobar finally turns heel on Rey Mysterio, snaps at WWE legend after being lodged with heinous allegations on SmackDown

After being accused of being the major reason behind Rey Mysterio's loss at Crown Jewel, Santos Escobar went on a rampage this week.

WATCH: Santos Escobar finally turns heel on Rey Mysterio, snaps at WWE legend after being lodged with heinous allegations on SmackDown

Santos Escobar about to attack Rey Mysterio on SmackDown [via- Santos Escobar via X]

In this year’s build-up to WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio reformed the LWO. However, this week on SmackDown, things took a turning point. An irate Santos Escobar, who seemingly developed scorn for Rey of late, turned on the WWE HOF’er. Escobar was relentless and hellbent on breaking any connection he once had with the legendary luchador. However, the turn didn’t come out of the blue.


After losing an under-the-belt humper against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, Rey Mysterio had to address the elephant in the room on SmackDown. He knew it all came down to those brass knuckles at the end. However, he blamed Logan, only for Carlito to come out and accuse Escobar. The Caribbean Cool alleged Santos left those knuckles on the ring apron so that The Maverick could use them to his advantage.

However, Rey was in no mood to listen to anything against his ally. But somewhere within, maybe Santos knew that Carlito wasn’t wrong. As a result, the LWO member left the ring with utter disgust. Later on, after Carlito was ousted by Bobby Lashley and his Street Profits comrades, they kept the heat on. Meanwhile, Santos Escobar was there by the ringside; however, he contemplated whether he should jump in or not.


In the meantime, Rey Mysterio arrived to aid Carlito. And then, The Master of 619 questioned Escobar’s allegiance to the LWO. Seemingly upset over Rey’s cynicism towards him, Escobar finally snapped and blindsided Rey while the latter was overseeing an already laid-out Carlito. The former Legado Del Fantasma leader told Rey that he was his hero growing up. However, Mysterio had this beating coming his way.

Rhea Ripley pokes fun at Rey Mysterio after he got betrayed on SmackDown

Well, the calamitous LWO breakup did transcend brands and send shockwaves through everyone. Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley seems to have enjoyed what destiny had planned for Rey Mysterio last night. In a post on X, Mami tagged the luchador and said that he’s the real problem at this point.

Rhea Ripley staring at Rey Mysterio
Rhea Ripley elated at Rey Mysterio’s misery [via- WWE]

With everything, Rhea’s Dom Dom went through a public spanking at WrestleMania 39. She didn’t forget the past and is certainly elated at Rey’s dismay. The culprit, Santos Escobar, too, shared his first reaction on social media ever since taking out Mysterio.

The former Cruiserweight Champion simply posted a photo snapped milliseconds before he hit the WWE legend from behind. Now, it will be really interesting to see where this story heads with Santos Escobar completely detaching himself from his buddies.


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