WWE considering major NXT call-ups for explosive main roster storyline: Reports

Few NXT superstars are ready for main roster call-ups as they can play a part in a major storyline.

WWE considering major NXT call-ups for explosive main roster storyline: Reports

Mysterious WWE superstar (via WWE)

WWE fans are surely liking this new wave of superstars coming and proving their worth with amazing storylines and matches. Now, they are ready to include many superstars from NXT to perform on the main roster. According to reports, WWE already has some superstars in mind, and they have already started working on a major storyline.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio said that WWE has big plans for Dragon Lee. He will be involved in some way in the major storyline between Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, and it looks like he is slowly winning the fans over too because of the stellar in-ring performances he is putting in during SmackDown episodes.


Recently, Escobar turned heel on his mentor Rey Mysterio two weeks ago on an episode of SmackDown, resulting in a breakup of the LWO faction. Now WWE is trying to call up some NXT superstars like Dragon Lee and Los Lotharios. Now that Rey Mysterio is nearing his retirement, WWE is looking for their new top masked wrestler, and it seems like they have found one in Dragon Lee.

Yes, Santos might end up with Los Lotharios. That was one of the ideas for them to join Santos. Actually, originally, before the Rey and Santos thing, there was talk of Los Lotharios joining with Rey, too. Los Lotharios, that has definitely been in conversations, yes.
Dave Meltzer via WON

Los Lotharios, the team of Anger Garza and Humberto Carrillo, can also be involved in this major storyline. They also have some main roster experience, but they truly caught the fans’ attention for their role in NXT. Originally, the plan was that they would join the Lucha legend. But now, the setup could look like Rey and Dragon Lee joining forces to go against the evil faction of Escobar and Los Lotharios. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the future.

Dragon Lee assures Rey Mysterio that he won’t turn on him

Rey Mysterio is going through a crisis right now. History suggests whoever once supported and loved him always turned their back on him and betrayed him. Well, upcoming superstar Dragon Lee assures Rey that he won’t turn on him.

Dragon Lee and Rey Mysterio
Dragon Lee and Rey Mysterio (via WWE)

Recently, Santos Escobar turned his back on the Lucha legend, brutally attacking him. Rey Mysterio has a history of people turning on him, like Batista and his own son, Dominik Mysterio. Lee shared a tweet addressing these betrayals with a picture and vowed to support his idol Rey till the end.

Rey Mysterio praised Dragon Lee and already predicted that he would be the next big wrestler in WWE. Lee is already proving Rey’s words true with his recent matches with Cedric Alexander and Axiom on SmackDown. It will be interesting to see whether Lee achieves incredible success in WWE or not.

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