“The jokes are over,” When Roman Reigns gave honest reaction on his Shield teammate Dean Ambrose’s decision to leave WWE

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns wanted Dean Ambrose to be happy after hearing his decision to leave the company.

“The jokes are over,” When Roman Reigns gave honest reaction on his Shield teammate Dean Ambrose’s decision to leave WWE

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (via WWE)

The Shield was one of the greatest factions ever created in the history of WWE. The three members of the faction, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose, aka Jon Moxley, are still ruling their respective companies. The trio was a fan favorite in their early days; however, after Dean departed from WWE, they all went down their separate paths.

When Roman and Seth were asked for their reaction to Ambrose’s departure, they said they all wanted to be happy for each other. The ‘Big Dog’ admitted that they joked about convincing him to stay in WWE but stated that he is in a good place and that’s all that matters.


Ambrose left WWE due to his growing frustration with his character, which had no direction going forward. He wrestled in his last WWE match at The Shield’s Final Chapter and defeated the team of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. Although WWE did offer him a renewed contract, he refused to do so because of the creative disagreement.

Moxley made his AEW debut on May 25, 2019, where he attacked Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. He became one of the most famous wrestlers in the world due to his ruthless fighting style. Mox ranked No. 3 on the PWI 500 Best Wrestlers of the Year list. The fans are hoping for his return to WWE and the reunion of the Shield.

Jim Cornette thinks Jon Moxley may regret joining AEW after seeing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins dominate the WWE

Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose are three of the most popular names in the wrestling world. Although they are on top of their respective brands and companies, veteran manager, Jim Cornette does not feel the same about Ambrose aka Jon Moxley.

Jim Cornette and the Shield
Jim Cornette and the Shield (via WWE and Wrestling News)

Jim Cornette discussed this topic on his show Cornette’s Drive-Thru and said Moxley would be regretting his decision to join AEW. He further added that although he had a successful career in AEW, winning multiple championships, he is on the B show. Cornette referred to WWE as the biggest show and called Rollins and Reigns the standard barriers of the company.

I was thinking at this point plumber Moxley must be ready to jump off the bridge between Kentucky and Ohio. He was in the group with these two guys and now these two guys are the two standard bearers of the biggest company in the world and the plumber is having bad matches with outlaw talent on the B show.
Jim Cornette on Jon Moxley via Cornette’ Drive-Thru

Many fans have criticized Moxley for the overuse of blood in his matches and remained concerned about his health. Only time will tell whether he will be able to pick himself up and sit on top of AEW or not.

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