“Nobody that has made me as much money” William Regal credits WWE Legend for making him rich

Currently signed with AEW, Willam Regal recently revealed that John Cena was a money-maker for him in WWE days

William Regal
William Regal

Darren Kenneth Matthews popularly known as William Regal is former WWE Intercontinental Champion who currently works for All Elite Wrestling.  William Regal made his professional wrestling debut at the age 15 wrestling for Horseshoe Showbar at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Regal would wrestle all over the United Kingdom and also would go on world tours during his nine years on the independent circuit. Regal also appeared in WWE during dark matches when the company was touring the United Kingdom.

In 1993 Regal was offered a  full time contract by WWE following his impressive showing in his previous appearances with the company. William Regal made his in ring debut in WWE on Saturday Night in a match against a local talent which he won.  Regal won his first championship in WWE at Fall Brawl pay-per-view when he defeated Ricky Steamboat to win the World Television Championship which he enjoyed a lengthy reign as champion fending off many challengers. Regal also was the European Championship during his time in WWE.

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William Regal recently signed for AEW after running out his contract with WWE

William Regal
Former NXT General Manager William Regal

In 2013 William Regal wrestled his last match against Cesaro on an episode of NXT. After 20 years with the company William Regal was appointed as the General Manager of NXT where he helped new talents to develop. Regal was also named as WWE Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting before he was released as he ran out his contract in January of 2022.

William Regal is considered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time but was never the a major champion in any promotion. Regal is often considered as one of the most famous characters during the attitude era and also after that. William Regal enjoyed a lengthy career in WWE wrestling with the likes Stone Cold Steve Austin ,The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H just to name a few.

William Regal
Former Intercontinental Champion William Regal

Speaking on his “Gentleman Villain” podcast, Regal told about the a WWE superstar who made him the most money than anyone else. The Wrestler he reffered to was John Cena and told that Cena had been the most profitable wrestler for him:

. “I was lucky enough to be on shows with Steve Austin and The Rock and The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and all these incredible people,” Regal said, but ultimately, there’s “nobody that has made me as much money as John Cena,” and Regal credits that to one thing: longevity.

“A lot of those fellas came and they were huge, incredible, massive stars for a few years, for three or four years, and they’re still huge massive stars, but they all went in different directions. John stayed the course.”

William Regal also went to mention that “nobody can say a bad word to me about John Cena.” William Regal currently works as a manager for the Blackpool Combat Club In All Elite Wrestling.

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