Rumors suggest WWE is willing to pay Cristiano Ronaldo $40–50 million to appear at Crown Jewel 

WWE is willing to offer a humongous amount of money to Cristiano Ronaldo for an appearance at Crown Jewel, according to rumors.

Rumors suggest WWE is willing to pay Cristiano Ronaldo $40–50 million to appear at Crown Jewel 

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Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is a global phenomenon, amassing the most followers on social media. As a result, his presence always draws attention and garners viewers from around the world. As of late, rumors have suggested that the WWE is incorporating the idea of inviting the Portuguese legend to their annual Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia.


Ronaldo playing in the Saudi Pro League for Al-Nassr FC makes it possible. Earlier this year, WWE reportedly tried to bring him for Night Of Champions. With Crown Jewel just on the horizon, there has been speculation about a potential deal. According to the rumors, the deal would involve WWE paying around $40–50 million to Cristiano Ronaldo to appear at the upcoming event.

WWE supposedly wants to go all out to bring the five-time Champions League winner to the show. Also, this might be a request from the KSA officials, who could help bring more eyes to their product. At the moment, this is just speculation, as there are no concrete reports supporting the “proposed” deal between WWE and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Moreover, it seems highly unlikely that the Portuguese legend will show up at Crown Jewel. Ronaldo’s football club, Al-Nassr, is scheduled to play against Al-Khaleej on November 4. Of course, WWE’s spectacular event will be televised on the same date. Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether Cristiano Ronaldo marks his presence at the show.


WWE’s history with the world of football

WWE has always ensured to establish celebrity involvement at every opportunity. Since WrestleMania 1, the professional wrestling company has had a history of drawing attention to the brand by using athletes from other sports. Currently, WWE is seemingly working on bringing the most popular star, Cristiano Ronaldo, to their upcoming event, Crown Jewel.

Real Madrid Replica WWE Championship
Real Madrid Replica WWE Championship (via Marca)

This is not the first time the Stamford-based promotion has interacted with one of the biggest sports in the world, football. Previously, legends such as Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney have attended televised shows. In fact, the latter was involved in a segment in 2015 that ended with Manchester United’s top scorer slapping Wade Barrett on an episode of RAW.

Also, WWE sent Championship replicas to the biggest clubs in Europe, Real Madrid and Manchester City, after emerging victorious in the Champions League and Premier League, respectively. Needless to say, it isn’t surprising to see the company trying to involve Cristiano Ronaldo at WWE’s upcoming event in Saudi Arabia.

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