“Punk tweets in 3..2..1” – WWE Universe loses their mind after Shinsuke Nakamura’s continues calling out ‘undisclosed’ opponent on Raw

Shinsuke Nakamura continued pouring in CM Punk teases on this week's Raw.

“Punk tweets in 3..2..1” – WWE Universe loses their mind after Shinsuke Nakamura’s continues calling out ‘undisclosed’ opponent on Raw

CM Punk teased on Raw by Shinsuke Nakamura [via- SeScoops and WWE on X]

As of late, something has really hit Shinsuke Nakamura. The way he’s been doing his promos in Japanese, calling out an unnamed opponent, is tantalizing. He continued with his shtick last night. One way or another, fans are taking it as a setup for CM Punk‘s return to WWE. The lines Shin used during his cryptic address in Washington caught the attention of social media geeks.

At first, Nakamura said you’re blessed with so much privilege. Then he decided to hold it back and scrimp on his victim’s choice. Again, The Artist iterated that the distractions haven’t taken his focus off the anonymous entity, potentially hinting at Shin’s numerous foes these days. The Japanese superstar ended his promo by saying he’d wait for now. It appears like these segments shouldn’t be taken for granted.


WWE has been pushing it for a number of weeks now. Last night on Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura ousted Otis after a topsy-turvy battle. And now, he’ll go one-on-one with Alpha Academy’s leader, Chad Gable, next week. One thing’s for sure: the clandestine aspect of Shinsuke’s promos isn’t someone which can be guessed so easily. Or maybe WWE is trolling its fans, who’re currently engulfed in CM Punk rumors.

Next week’s Raw will serve as the go-home edition to Survivor Series. If WWE makes a case where Shinsuke Nakamura announces that he’s going to issue an open challenge to someone in Chicago, then it might be something. Even if Punk were not to return, the fans will automatically assume it’s going to be him alone. That’s why Triple H needs to be wary of how he’s going to deal with the relentless fan expectations.


WWE fans under impression that CM Punk might be returning as Shinsuke Nakamura’s opponent

As expected, Shinsuke Nakamura’s promo garnered an inflow of numerous fan reactions on social media. Most of the posts lead to various GIFs of The Best in the World. Although they’ve been up there for the most part of late, the speculation has picked up steam as Survivor Series seems within touching distance.

CM Punk
CM Punk [via- AEW on X]

However, there were fans who appeared to be aligned with the notion that Shinshuke Nakamura could go back to Seth Rollins. They had a fierce rivalry over the summer. Though the Japanese wrestler couldn’t capture the gold, the fans would love to see it happen this time around.

A user said that his delusional mind makes them believe it’s Punk, but it could likely be someone on the current roster. There’s so much conflict of interest within the WWE Universe right now. It will be interesting to see how things shape up in the coming weeks.


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