WATCH: Former champion reveals gruesome battle scars after brutal Street Fight match on Raw

The New Day came up short against Imperium in an intense and chaotic Street Fight match on Raw.

WATCH: Former champion reveals gruesome battle scars after brutal Street Fight match on Raw

Xavier Woods reveals brutal injury scar (via X/@AustinCreedWins)

Wrestling is a tough sport, but it reaches another level of intensity when wrestlers engage in street fights where weapons are legal. Former Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods recently displayed his brutal battle scars from a Street Fight match with Imperium.


Xavier Woods took to X to share a video that shocked fans worldwide. In the video, he revealed the bruised marks on his back, which he endured during the gruesome street fight with Imperium on this week’s edition of Raw. The match was a chaotic brawl, starting on the ramp and spilling into the crowd.

New Day and Imperium both used everything from chairs to kendo sticks in a wild display of aggression. Imperium’s cunning tactics momentarily gained the upper hand, but The New Day fought back fiercely, setting up a table to a thunderous ovation from the audience.

In the final moments, The New Day had Ludwig Kaiser isolated in the ring with Kofi Kingston poised on the top rope. However, Giovanni Vinci, who had been hurt earlier, intervened by knocking Kingston off the top rope, causing him to crash through a table at ringside.


Taking advantage of the chaos, Vinci struck Woods with a frying pan, while Kaiser slammed Xavier headfirst into a chair wedged in the corner. Seizing the opportunity, Kaiser rolled the former King Of The Ring winner up and secured the victory by holding onto his pants for the pinfall.

Kofi Kingston reacted to his defeat alongside Xavier Woods against Imperium

After the grueling match and the disappointing loss to Imperium, Kofi Kingston commented on the physical toll, implying that he would feel the effects of the match on his body the next day. He also humorously noted that he was already starting to feel sore that night. Kingston then acknowledged Imperium’s performance, giving them credit for their victory.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (via WWE)

The rivalry between The New Day and Imperium heated up last year during a kickoff show. The former King Of The Ring winner interrupted Gunther, sparking a confrontation that ultimately led to a match between Gunther and Woods. Despite Woods’ efforts, he ended up losing the match.

Damn… gonna feel that one tomorrow…actually, starting to feel it tonight, lol. Hats off to Imperium.
Kofi Kingston (via X)

After that initial match, Woods and Kingston continued their feud with Kaiser and Vinci. Tensions escalated when Kaiser attacked Kingston, leading Woods to seek revenge. The Street Fight between them marks another intense and seemingly final chapter in their rivalry.


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