“While you still got em,” Former WWE Champion makes emotional request to fans after Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods’ hard-fought Street Fight match on Raw 

Big E feels honored to call Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston his "brothers."

“While you still got em,” Former WWE Champion makes emotional request to fans after Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods’ hard-fought Street Fight match on Raw 

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (via WWE)

The rivalry between The New Day and Imperium reached its boiling point when they met in a Street Fight. Both teams fought bravely as all four superstars tried to destroy each other to win. Although The New Day lost, fans appreciated their efforts to make this match even more incredible. Not only fans, but their fellow partner and former WWE Champion, Big E, was also proud of their performance. 


Big E took to X and told the WWE Universe to appreciate his brothers Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods while they still could. The 37-year-old stated they are both very talented athletes and fantastic people, in and out of the ring. Unfortunately, Kingston and Woods ended up on the losing side, as Imperium won the brutal Street Fight. 

Big E suffered a neck injury on the March 11, 2022, episode of SmackDown, where The New Day was fighting Sheamus and Ridge Holland. During the match, Holland delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to Big E at ringside, and the latter landed awkwardly. Since then, he has been out of action and hopes to recover soon and return to the ring. 

Please appreciate my GOATs Austin Creed & Kofi Kingston while you still got em. In and out of the ring. The best. I get the honor of calling those men “my brothers."
Big E (via X)

Many fans criticized Holland for his carelessness as a wrestler and wished for Big E’s speedy recovery. As for The New Day, their loss against Imperium in a Street Fight may have very well ended this rivalry. It will be interesting to see which path The New Day will take now as the Road to WrestleMania gets closer and closer. 


Big E revealed he was a huge Goldberg fan and grew up idolizing him

Ettore ‘Big E’ Ewen has been an inspiration to so many fans all around the world due to his passion for a positive attitude toward society. Recently, he recalled how, when he was a little kid and watched wrestling, he was a huge fan of WWE legend Goldberg

Goldberg and Big E
Goldberg and Big E (via Wrestling News)

The New Day member gave an interview on the Sarah O’Connell Show and talked about his favorite superstars growing up. He immediately came up with the 57-year-old’s name and revealed the pleasure of meeting him with his father. Big E also named other legends of the industry like Vader, Scott Steiner, and Ron Simmons, whom he enjoyed watching.

As a kid I loved Goldberg, he was my favorite, I got to meet him at a signing-in... this is the 90s, this is over 25 years ago when I was a kid and I still have a vivid memory, you know the interaction with him was maybe 30 seconds you know we were in a long line, but you know he was so polite, he took his time to smile. That's one of those things that's crystalized in my head.
Big E via Sarah O’Connell Show

The 37-year-old revealed he always loved muscular wrestlers due to their larger-than-life personalities. Being a big man himself, he aspires to come back in the ring one day and build his already established legacy even more. Big E stated that he was feeling nice, and thankfully there were no broken bones when he fell on his neck. Fans are expecting a return from The New Day member very soon. 

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