“Quit performing at this stage”- WWE Universe blasts 35-year-old who injured Big E before for being reckless again and injuring Elton Prince on SmackDown

Fans bashed Ridge Holland for injuring Elton Prince on SmackDown and remembered the time when he also injured Big E more than a year ago.

“Quit performing at this stage”- WWE Universe blasts 35-year-old who injured Big E before for being reckless again and injuring Elton Prince on SmackDown

Ridge Holland, Elton Prince and Big E (via WWE)

The Brawling Brutes and Pretty Deadly have been feuding since the latter’s debut on SmackDown. One of their recent matches was witnessed by the WWE Universe on this week’s episode of SmackDown. Sheamus and Ridge Holland teamed up to take on Pretty Deadly. During the match, Elton Prince got injured while falling on his shoulder after Holland flipped him over. This marks the second time Ridge Holland has relentlessly injured any star since hurting Big E in 2022.


A video shared on Twitter shows exactly how Prince fell on his shoulder and explains whose mistake it was. As Elton came running towards Ridge Holland, the latter took to his feet and lifted Prince, having him fall on his back behind him. But the move was executed incorrectly by Elton, which made him over-rotate and fall slantingly on his left shoulder. He continued to perform in the match and took yet another flip, but on his back this time.

Prince’s injury was visible as he stood near the left turnbuckle while holding his shoulder. The Twitter user who shared this video stated that it was a mistake on Elton’s part as he over-rotated upon Ridge’s flip. However, the furious WWE Universe stated that it was Holland’s reckless wrestling that made Prince suffer the injury. While stating so, they brought back the topic of Big E’s injury, which was a result of Holland’s hasty belly-to-belly suplex.

In response to the aforementioned tweet, some of the fans didn’t step back to criticize Ridge Holland. However, some said that Prince made himself sell the flip so much that the execution made him suffer the injury. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Pretty Deadly. Fans can only hope for the former’s speedy recovery and step inside the ring as soon as possible.


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WWE Universe outrages their ire over Ridge Holland

Ridge Holland and Elton Prince
Ridge Holland and Elton Prince (via WWE)

During the July 14 episode of SmackDown, The Brawling Brutes battled their current rivals, Pretty Deadly, in a tag team match. Ridge Holland unintentionally injured Elton Prince with one of his signature moves. The WWE Universe has reacted to Holland’s reckless power and criticized him for injuring yet another star since Big E.

The divided WWE Universe thinks of it as mainly Elton’s mistake as he over-rotated on the flip. While some state that Ridge’s needless power by just flipping him made him land on his shoulder. But all in all, the WWE Universe hopes for Prince’s speedy recovery from the shoulder injury to get him back in the ring on Friday Nights.

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